In typically exchange smaller gifts to one another,

In my family we decorate our homes
with different Christmas themed tchotchkes. We also get a Christmas tree and
decorate it with strands of lights and pretty ornaments with a star to go on
top. The gifts that we do exchange are wrapped and placed under the tree for us
to open on Christmas morning. On Christmas eve my family goes to my grandma’s
house to spend time together and eat a meal with each other. During the holidays
my family likes to ride around to look at Christmas lights while listening to
Christmas music and attend church services.

Christmas celebrations typically
start on December 24th and last until December 30th.
Between these days there are a lot of events going on including church
services, family gatherings, meals, and gift exchanges. In the church after
services they typically give out treats such as rice cakes and other snacks.
Each church has a decorated pine tree at the front of the church and on
Christmas day everyone walks around the tree while singing Christmas songs.
Some families also have Christmas trees in their houses that they decorate with
lights and ornaments that a lot of the times they make themselves.

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During the month of December many
people decorate with fake snow, and holly berries, as well as other Christmas
associated décor. Malagasy’s call Santa Claus “Dadabe Noely”, and he is a part
of their Christmas tradition. The people of Madagascar typically exchange
smaller gifts to one another, such as clothes, because they feel that Christmas
is more about spending time with each other and celebrating the birth of Jesus
Christ. After the Christmas church service, everyone gets together for a huge
Christmas feast. Families and churches come together for a big meal where they
usually cook chicken or pork, as well as many other dishes.

The people in Madagascar celebrate Christmas in similar ways
to how to people in the United states might celebrate. Usually during December,
it is very hot in Madagascar, and they rarely have snow. The main language in
Madagascar is Malagasy, most Malagasy’s go to church on Christmas Eve from
about 5pm until midnight. Children sing carols and preform in plays to celebrate
the birth of Jesus. When the clock strikes 12 people of the church hug and kiss
each other and say “tratrin’ ny krismasy” (Merry Christmas). People also go to
church on Christmas day.