In wealth being amassed and destroyed on a

In today’sworld, enormous financial activity has caused wealth being amassed anddestroyed on a huge scale.

The 2008 crisis in financial markets and the globalgeopolitical situation has brought it with challenges, which will requireincreased depth and understanding for the rapidly changing financial markets. Ibelieve this backdrop requires investing professionals to further my academicstudies in the fields of investment and wealth management.My long-termcareer goal is to become a successful consultant in the field of finance andwealth management. I have had a strong interest in investing, and I hope toachieve this goal after a number of years of experience as a successfulanalyst. In addition, I plan to pursue the CFA,and have successfully passed the CFA level I in Dec 2016. Within the fieldof Finance, I am most interested in topics ranging from valuation, derivatives,security analysis, and portfolio management. In particular, I find thedifferent valuation techniques from discounted cash flow models, comparablevaluation, and leverage buyout valuation encouraging to study from both atheoretical and practical level.

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Theaforementioned interests were developed from the coop internship I undertookwithin the consulting firm, the CFA Challenge Competition I undertook inuniversity, as well as my undergraduate courses in corporate finance,derivatives, and investment. During my internship at Accenture, I assisted theconsulting analyst to create a “three statement financial model” for the clientto improve the company’s financial management. I gained practical skills fromanalyzing the company and building the model. Furthermore, the fast-paced, high-pressureenvironment I experienced also provided me with the opportunity to work onlarge data sets using Excel, further intrigued myself to study Finance for myMaster degree. Also, the CFA Challenge Competition I participated in during mythird year invigorated my interest in finance.

I further developed myanalytical skills through applying the DCF model and comparable approach tovalue a company. To achieve my goals, I seek to deepen my knowledge inthe related areas. Imperial College London MSc Investment and WealthManagement program will provide me an opportunity to deepen my understanding offinance and investment in a more meaningful way, and in an environment whichwill be academically challenging and allow me to develop further.

Thecourses it offers, such as Portfolio Management, Financial Modeling, andFinancial Econometrics, are vital for a career in investment management. Also,the case study approach it offers will allow me to gain practical understandingto apply my knowledge in real-world