India as a Mature Democracy

Indian model of government today is widely appreciated and recognized in the world. Even some countries seek to adopt some of the feature of its system. Indian scholar, academician and other proponents have also frequently emphasized its practicability in countries with diverse socio-economic backgrounds. They do not lose any opportunity of showing India as matured democracy that has passed the test of time. While there is long journey to pass through to reach culmination of ‘maturation’, there are certain facts favoring Indian’s claim and some impediments questioning it.A Matured DemocracyDemocracy is not only about political system elected by people, it is lot more. It is about freedom of choice for every individual.

Of course, freedom cannot be absolute and hence freedom with reasonable restriction is better connotation of freedom.Freedom is ensured by political system elected by people, recognizing certain natural and human rights, having independent judiciary for redressal, citiazen-centric administration and proper checks and balance between the organs of government. Restriction of freedom is explained by the social contract that posits “individuals have consented to surrender sum of their freedom and submit to the authority of ruler in exchange of protection of their remaining rights”. Democracy is further strengthened by involving the people in government decision making, possibly involving them in political affairs.A democracy can be said to be ‘matured’ if, in my opinion, it is has the following characteristics: a) Long history of survivalb) Not only has survived but improved,innovatiing new principles of democratic participation compatible with the changing world dynamics.

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c) Prospects of its survival are favorableDemocracy in IndiaIndia is founded on the strong principle of democracy. Even indian struggle for freedom was more for democracy than independence from colonial rule. It adopted the parlia…