Indian Society and Culture

Cultural ProfileThough it is easy to stereotype people who come from the same geographical area into one “cultural box” it can be assumed that those from the same areor region usually have the same cultural profile to an extent (Hofstede, 1996).With its numerous dialects, societies and religions, India is profoundly diverse. Even though there is diversity but no single uniform culture traces of traditions are still observable in the general populace’s way of life. This can be very confusing for foreigners as this may lead to confusion and a very high level of unpredictability (Rienda, Claver & Quer, 2011).

In this regard it is very important for IKEA, to fully understand the diversity in India if business is to run efficiently and effectively.3.1 Indian Society and Culture4.0 Firstly it is important to understand that even though there are multiple religions in India such as Christianity, Islam, Jainism, and Buddhism among others, there is a heavy influence of Hinduism in the cultural practices of the Indian (Euromonitor International, 2012). This is important to note because the influence of Hinduism specifically the caste system has shaped a culture that emphasizes hierarchical relationships (Rienda, Claver & Quer, 2011). This leads us to understand why Indians can be conscious of social order and status.

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Most relationships in the Indian culture involve hierarchies with a heavy focus on patriarchy. Teachers and mentors are viewed as the source of knowledge; the patriarch is the leader of the family. Just like in a business, the boss or the father in this case is the source of ultimate responsibility and must be awarded the utmost respect. The clear hierarchy must be observed in every relationship for social order to be maintained. The Indian values revolve around strong family orientation as well as loyalty to a group (Budhwar, Luthar & Bathnagar, 2006). More often than not this refers to the profession, or associations t.