Indigenous People of the Caribbean

During the voyages of Christopher Columbus to the Americas, ships began claiming territories in the Caribbean. During the journey to spread Catholicism and find riches Columbus made contact with the indigenous people of the Caribbean. The Caribbean was inhabited by groups like the Carib’s, Tainos and Arawak’s. For thousands of years these populations grew and developed their own systems.

The Spanish, who came seeking wealth and gold, enslaved most of the indigenous populations and rapidly drove them to near-extinction by exposing them to illnesses and subjecting them to harsh labor and starvation. The early 1400’s represented a time of mass world exploration by the European nations. Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus journeyed around the world in an effort to find Asia and gain economic prosperity1. History tells a story of Spanish power that sought to expand its empire by imposing western imperialism and gaining economic stability through means like the spice and gold trade.During the time of exploration many European nations were in a power struggle that could only be won through expansion. On Christopher Columbus’ voyage to find Asia, he came upon an area in the Caribbean Sea that we know today as the Caribbean Islands.

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His arrival in the Caribbean would eventually become a great source of economic prosperity for Spain. As the European forerunner began to expand its reigns in the Caribbean, it took control over the Greater Antilles and the riches these islands had to offer. Here, the Spaniards extracted minerals, spices, gold etc. Along with the growth and expansion of the Spanish empire came a lot of attention from other exploring nations2. As a developed country, Europe had many advanced systems that enabled it to be run and operated fairly by all nations.

One of these systems was called the “Balance of Powers,” this was contract amongst all of Europe that stated that if any one nation was too powerful, whether…