Individual Assignment Guidelines

Behavior Guidelines for Individual Assignment (10% of coursework assessment) A. Expected Learning Outcomes: Apply organizational behavior concepts and theories to address relevant management issues. Have deeper understanding of the relationship between students’ own personalities and organizational behavior, thereby to appraise the importance of diversity in organizations. B. Date of Submission Students should submit the assignment in Week 6 tutorial. Marks will be deducted for each day of late submission (late submission less than one day will be counted as one day late).

C. Topic Each student is required to introduce your personality traits by using the *Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (AMBIT), or *the Big Five Personality Model (emotional stability, extroversion, openness, agreeableness, conscientiousness) or any other personality traits including core cultivations, Machiavellian, narcissism, proactive personality, psychopaths, self-monitoring, which are stated in chapter 5 of the textbook, and supporting the analysis with your real-life examples (one typical example for each personality trait).

On the other hand, you are also expected to search n ideal job from either the internet or classified post and explain why your personalities can fit in the selected position. *Students are expected to mention all dimensions of personality traits while using either Merrymakers Type Indicator (AMBIT), or the Big Five Personality Model. Guidelines Limit the number of words to maximum 1 page of AY paper (single-sided only), excluding cover page, references and appendix.

Use font type oftentimes New Roman, font size 12, single-line spacing, 1 inch margin on each side. Put the full name and student number on the cover page. Print the selected job advertisement on a separate sheet and list the company name together with the position and the date of the advertisement clearly on top of the page. ; Give proper citations in your text and a list of references in PAP style at the last page if any of your information is derived from other sources.