Industrial Automation Solutions

Unravel Group and Associates Manufacturers Review The beginnings of automation can be traced back to the industrial revolution in the eighteenth century, when people began to use machines to replace human labor and animal power, With advances in technology, electronics, computers, optical testing, and rapid developments in other areas, the concepts for machine control became more complex, Automation has gradually become an automatic operating system with integrated automatic detection, data transmission, judgment and control that are directly executed according to program instructions.

Through advanced power electronics technology, industrial automation has reached a higher level. A complete set of industrial automation systems is able to carry out intelligent control and complete programming, while controlling and operating independently, Delta has devoted itself to the industrial automation field over the past decade. With years of insight and experience in power electronics and automatic control, Delta launched its first AC motor drive products in 1995. Since then, Delta has continued expanding its product lines, developing programmable logic controls and entering the field of motion control.

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Delta’s industrial automation products, systems and solutions are Widely used in various fields worldwide today, including food, textiles, chemicals, electronics, rubber, plastics, pharmaceuticals, printing, metal machine tools, processing machines and automated manufacturing equipment, as well as smart air conditioning, water supply, energy-saving equipment and system solutions for factories and buildings. With a strong R ; D capability, advanced technology and rapid global service, Delta Industrial Automation insists on quality, reliability and excellence and it brings you the best in “Automation for a Changing World”!