Integrated communications

First of all before creating an advertisement a company must have to know about the target audience whom company is targeting. Not only targeting audience plays important role in the success of product and advertisement but also understanding in which criteria of Mascots Hierarchy of needs product occurs is necessary to create advertisement. Attracting customers and also fetching product users using product that occurs in same needs category research and analysis must be done. Motives are the condition that satisfies different needs such as Physiological, Safety, Social, Esteem, Self-actualization.So yes Mascots Hierarchy of needs and theory of motivation has direct Influence on advertising strategy. Q#3: How important Is It to assess customer attitudes when developing an advertising campaign? A#3: Customer Attitudes are favorable or unfavorable feelings of a customer towards an idea or an object.

It is highly influenced by advertising, opinion leaders, trend setters and friends. Nowadays it is highly influenced by friends and advertising. Word of mouth plays vital role in creating or converting customer attitude towards a product.By knowing and assessing customer attitude and accordingly developing advertisement aiming would help company to create positive and favorable attitude of customer towards product as well as if developed accurately it helps to convert unfavorable attitude of a customer towards a product to favorable attitude towards the product. Q#4: How significant will digital communications be In future marketing communications strategies? Will advertisers continue to shift $$$ to digital? Conduct some secondary research to offer Information that will Justify your opinion.A#4: Digital communication deals in transfer of data from one point to another using Handel such as copper wires, optical fibers, wireless communication channels, storage media and buses.

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Now-a-days communication through digital media is getting popular may it be telecommunication or digital media as it can reach more people at a time and people are getting accustomed with the technology and they look forward to it because of its easy availability, hence advertiser will shift $$$ to digital communication moreover customers rely more on the advertisement they see, so there is a huge competition going on in marketing Industry.Digital marketing is often referred to as ‘online marketing’ or ‘Internet marketing’. The term ‘digital marketing’ has grown In popularity over time, particularly In certain countries. In the USA ‘online marketing’ Is still prevalent but In the K, ‘dealt marketing’ has become the most common term. Through digital communications and social media, advertisers encourage product trial, change behavior, support a cause, and evolve business or organization goal. Overtime the demand for digital Communication is going to increase looking towards it long lasting benefits.References: http://hesitates. Ca/services/digital-communications-social-media/ http:// en.

Wisped. Rag/wick/Digital_marketing http://en. Wisped. Org/wick/Data_transmission mine Consumer attitude is one of those aspects that measures future demand of the product. Attitude can be positive or negative that defines favorable or unfavorable feelings to a particular product, action or strategy. It is extremely important to assess in terms of advertising because a campaign must be designed around the customers concerning their needs and situations.

Positioning of an advertising campaign plays a vital role for example; value-expressive advertising laying out the features of a reduce with its various uses and its unique image will lead to the success and create optimistic results. Advertisement should meet the expectations that information presented will meet the real objective. It is creative process combining art and science together that should cover social arenas such as human rights, environmental issues, poverty, violence etc to gain positive insights from the consumer.The implications behind their attitude whether pleasant or unpleasant should be studied in depth based on recent trends and influential sources. Digital communication marketing is growing constantly in the revolutionized world. It is important for every business to collaborate new paradigm methods and use social media marketing to access huge consumer market and display the brand products and its services in an efficient way.

Most of the companies are using faceable, twitter, public blobs, magazines and mobile technologies to spread the brand awareness, word of mouth, encourage engagement and impart its mission to the consumers. The reference below consist example of U. S increasing investment in online video ads which will turn up to $12. 27 billion in 2018.

This depicts there is a great shift of $$$ awards being digital as this gains more viewer attention. Mobile traffic has exploded and will continue to do more in near future.