Intelligence this example was a good representation of

Intelligence is a key factor in helping the
United States create war strategies. During the Cold Ward, intelligence was a
key function with regards to the product of war. Due to the progressions and
plans made during this time, the Cold War could be described as a “War of

played a huge role in providing plans and actions to support military combat.
Throughout the Cold War, both the North and South valued knowledge and set up
intelligence operations. Both the North and the South established their own spy
networks. In the textbook, they describe one of the “most interesting
intelligence operations” during the war as displayed by Harriet Tubman when she
made sure that runaway slaves escaping the North, would provide valuable information
on what they knew. In this case, I feel this example was a good representation
of HUMINT, by gaining useful knowledge for the North that later could be used
for future benefit.  

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and after the Cold War displays of intelligence led to the formation and
progress of intelligence agencies within the United States. The era of the Cold
War brought about the realization that there no longer could be a low priority
on intelligence (Jensen). Steps were then made to place a higher importance on
intelligence when referring to foreign and domestic policies and the safety of
our country. Congress passed the National Security Act of 1947, an important
step in the creation of important agencies such as the CIA, the Department of
Defense, and the National Security Council. The act not only reorganized and
helped the armed forces create new war strategies but also helped update
foreign policy. This 1947 act also helped establish rules and regulations for
the CIA.

first restriction placed was it was not given law enforcement powers. Secondly,
it was mandated to operate primarily outside of the United States.

establishment of the National Security Act of 1947 was an important step for
the United States.

of intelligence during the Cold War helped guide the United States and
influenced our country and policies that are still active today. The Cold War
gave birth to the foundation of United States intelligence; giving the Cold War
the title of a “war of intelligence”.