Intelligent crowding in the queue. As Bluetooth works

Intelligent Biometric Queue Management


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The biometric
attendance system has been in vogue for several years now, replacing the
traditional and manual method of keeping the attendance, very much enabling transparency
and accountability, facilitating flexible and good work culture.  Despite its proliferation, it has one inherent
disadvantage of not accounting those people who are present in the office
before the stipulated time of attendance, due to the last minute impending long
queue bustling in front of the system. This abstract tries to suggest one good
solution to this problem of accounting in-time people. Here, it suggests the
use of Bluetooth technology, to account and let the in-timers to provide their attendance
even after the stipulated time.  It takes
the advantage of the fact that all the people have started using blue tooth enabled
mobile phones and smart phones; many seem to have more than one phone; some of
the phones are finger print enabled log in system. 

This project
suggests the users to register their mobiles with the system. One can register
more than one mobile with the system, but, they will all be identified to
his/her ID only, just to prevent misusing the system. The attendance system
should also be blue tooth enabled. Now, the blue tooth enabled attendance
system would account those people who have come in time, by identifying and
storing the mobile numbers which are already registered with the system.  They would be allowed to provide the
attendance for a reasonable period of ten or fifteen minutes even after the
stipulated time, without losing their cool. The users those who have the finger
print scanner on their mobile can update the attendance through their finger
print scanner system, thus help reduce crowding in the queue. As Bluetooth works
for a shorter range and the providing attendance would be allowed for a reasonable
amount of time after the stipulated time, misuse of the system is completely

The Bluetooth
address will be used to select the particular user along with name and ID. No
special means of implementation is needed. Multiple devices can be allotted for
a particular person so that he can use any of his devices.

The suggested
addition would work very much for the standalone machine as well as cloud based