Intercultural indicator among the intercultural skills. Intercultural skills

  Intercultural skills are those required toconnect, communicate, share information, with the people who are coming fromother cultures and social groups.

When we consider a workplace the managementknows how to hold their co-workers they also help them accustom to new workenvironments and prevent culture shock, while build up their culturalawareness, knowledge, and practical skills. Most of employers think thatintercultural skills are very important because they believe that employees with these intercultural skills bring in newclients, work within diverse teams and support a good brand and reputations. Notonly in work places, is Experience of studying overseas one of the majorindicator among the intercultural skills.Interculturalskills can be referred as the skills and competencerequired adapting and interacting in an environment with a diversified culture.

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A leader is always backed up by a team of members. Modern cooperate world is amix of people that has originated from different cultural backgrounds. Thus theleader must have awareness about the cultural backgrounds of his team members.This would enable the leader to resolve the conflicts which could be raisedamong the team members belong to diversified cultures.

According to, Intercultural skills of the leader are practiced at present in companies whichoperates multinationally and in multicultural countries. The more diversifiedthe staff become, they express variety of cultural practices inside a team. Theperson who leads this team has to understand the importance of these practicesto the relevant individual and keep it without affecting the achievement of theteam’s goal. Nelson Mandela was a one ofthe best-known black political figures in South Africa. Even though he is ablack person who has the talent to address and lead white people too.

One of the greatest says of his is”If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. Ifyou talk to him in his language that goes to his heart.” We can experience thatwithout respect for one another,intercultural communications of some people are not going to go well.

Asa responsible people we need to explore outside the box and realize that withdifferent cultures come different experiences. Sharingour personal experiences is one of the best ways to get to know someone better.It allows you access into a deeper level of the individual’s life.

When itpertains to intercultural communication, it is vital to respectfully listenwhen an individual is describing cultural differences and experiences. Good intercultural communication fundamentallyrequires intercultural awareness, an understandingthat different cultures have different standards and norms.Nel