Internal Medicine

?My strong desire to improve people’s health led me into medicine at five year M. B. B. S program in one of the most prestigious medical Institute of Pakistan. During the third year of medical school, I was introduced to direct patient care during clinical rotations in various specialties, but unique nature of Internal Medicine appealed to me most. After my last year of medical school, I completed six months internship in Internal Medicine at an affiliated university hospital.

My internship strengthened my knowledge of medicine and gave me solid clinical skills, which prepared me for the more demanding responsibilities of my residency . With a dream of becoming an outstanding physician; after my internship in 2005, I worked at multiple community based Hospital’s in Pakistan for a year to serve needy people that also improve my clinical skills and strengthened my clinical knowledge.

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From 2006-2008, I worked at Karachi Institute of Heart Diseases as Resident Medical Officer, during my training I learned not only mechanism, pathogenesis, diagnosis, differential diagnosis and management of cardiovascular diseases but also gained tremendous knowledge in general Internal Medicine by diagnosing and treating complications of Myocardial Infarction and Post Angiography patients like Respiratory compromise and Renal failure. I was rotated weekly in Emergency department, Intensive care unit and general ward.

Through this training my interest in Internal Medicine was solidified by the ability to connect with patients and development of strong emotional ties. Internal medicine offers human interaction with wide spectrum of patients of all ages and socioeconomic status. It requires an emphasis on continued care, preventive practices, and complex problem solving skills. I value the emphasis internal medicine places on prevention which is the cornerstone of cost effective health care.

Internal Medicine is the perfect medium through which I can develop the clinical skills and judgment that requires a more thorough knowledge than other primary care specialties. Arriving into United States in 2009, I have completed my USMLE exams while learning about clinical system here. Realizing the importance of solid clinical work in United States, I began doing observerships in various specialties of Internal Medicine that provided me an excellent foundation in history taking, physical examination and diagnosis of various conditions.

My Interactions with doctors, residents and medical students here have helped me identify my ideal characteristics for a residency program. My patients and staff found no difficulties in communicating with me at all. I am also doing a volunteer work in charity clinic, it’s a community based clinic where I get a chance to work directly with the patients of all age groups and cultural backgrounds. I always liked by my patients and peers and have the ability to earn their confidence and trust.

I am enthusiastic and work well with people, a team environment has always been my preferred environment. I am intelligent, serious and very capable. I have never been afraid of hard work and always enjoy a challenge. I believe these characteristics will enable me to succeed and be a valuable asset to profession. I am confident that I will be able to maintain the standards of your institution, contribute to success of the department and my fellow residents.