International relations

International Relations commonly known as IR is an academic as well as public policy field taught at many educational institutions across the world. It is mainly the study that teaches us about relationship among different countries, inter-governmental organizations (IGO), role of various sovereign states, non-governmental organizations (NGO), international non-governmental organizations (INGO) and multi-national corporations (MNC). Studying this subject can be positive or normative as it analyzes as well as formulates policies (especially foreign policy) of a State.

International Relations is a versatile and well-known subject taught at different government as well as private colleges and universities throughout the world who offer diploma degree, bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in this subject.

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The subject of International Relations dates back to the time of Greek historian Thucydides and finally this in-disciplinary field of study became an academic field in the start of 20th century. Some of the popular courses in this field include Humanities, Economics, Ethics, Political Science, Organizational Management, Interpersonal Skills, Foreign Policy Analysis, International Laws, International Trade, Political Theories and Professional Deontology etc.

Studying international relations has a great impact on our daily lives as the World Wide Web, global markets and as well as foreign travels stimulate a large amount of people, products, services and ideas across the national borders.

Some of the major advantages of international relations include; this subject works as an inter-link between a lot of disciplines like political science, history of different countries, economics as well as management. Additionally, International relations study helps us in understanding the important political, economic, social, strategic as well as cultural relationships within the global community. Studying this subject provides a better understanding of foreign policy of a state, diplomacy and some other modes of interaction between different countries of the world.

International Relations study examines all the political dimensions of business, trade, development and finance, emphasizing on the interactions between different multi-national corporations and government. Likewise, International relations study helps us to learn about different cultures, societies for development of international peace. Also, International relations study tells us about the alternative governance systems used at different countries around the world. Study of international relations also gives an understanding related to international movement of people, as immigrants, workers, students, refugees, tourists and investors.

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