International relations and coordination · Run training simulations

Internationalcounter-terrorismCombating terrorist network can be a very difficult job. By theirvery nature, terrorist group operate in secret and often in small groups thatcannot implicate the wider organisation if they are apprehended. The Britishsecurity service spends well over half its annual funding allocation oncombating domestic and international terrorism. Not all groups will respond to all of these methods and not allcountries will be prepared to utilise all of these strategies. It takes more thanone counter-terrorism measure to disrupt a terrorist organisation, and inreality governments will employ multiple tactics to achieve the result theywant.

  Method Detail Through mechanisms of politics and government ·      Address the specific political grievances of the terrorists ·      Engage publicly or privately in discussion to resolve conflict ·      Offer amnesty to active terrorists ·      Apply diplomatic pressure on the countries sponsoring terrorist groups ·      Control and regulate immigration/asylum   Through economic and social policy   ·      Address the specific socio-economic grievances of the group ·      Ban terrorist fundraising ·      Apply economic sanctions to countries which sponsor terrorism   Through psychological and education strategies   ·      Establish common values with opponents ·      Allow freedom of expression ·      Ban interviews and publications by terrorist groups ·      Provide training in dealing with terrorist threats ·      Conduct media campaign to condemn group’s methods ·      Educate the public on awareness of terrorist threats   Through the use of military tactics   ·      Use strikes/operations to undermine / destroy groups ·      Use public services to protect potential victims and property ·      Recruit and train counter-intelligence personnel   Through the use of the judicial and legal system   ·      Agree and abide by international treaties which denounce terrorism ·      Expand extradition treaties ·      Introduce and update laws prohibiting terrorist activity ·      Give harsh sentences to convicted terrorists ·      Provide witness protection ·      Increase the speed of justice for terrorists Through the effective use of the police prison service and border control service   ·      Improve international police relations and coordination ·      Run training simulations of terrorist attacks ·      Encourage informants and infiltrators ·      Ensure terrorist networks cannot recruit in prisons ·      Control and regulate those entering and leaving the country   Through the use of intelligence and security services   ·      Effectively use technology to monitor terrorist groups ·      Improve and maintain links with other intelligence services ·      Infiltrate terrorist organisations ·      Use detective measures to arrest terrorists   Measures to prevent domestic or internationalterrorism in the UKSince the attacks of 11 September 2001 in the UKhas been on a high state of alert with regard to a possible terrorist threat onour own soil. Islamic extremists targeted the UK on 7 June 2005, who conductedfour concurrent bombing on the transport system in London. A total of 52 peopleplus the four bombers were killed in the explosions with hundreds more injured.Since this time UK service have undergone prevent another attack taking placeand secondly ensure a swift emergency response if we targeted again.

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