Internationalization The increasing level of internationalization in all

processes where internationalization is defined at a national, sector, and institutional
levels is defined as the process of integrating an, intercultural, or global
dimension into the purpose, functions or delivery of postsecondary education (Jane
knight, pg. 2)


Research Question: – What
is the process for big firms and SME’s to go international and its practices
and the challenges it faces in the internationalization process?

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Aim: – To understand and study
the technique of internalization used in the international market by the
companies, firms and SME’s for their expansion and development globally.


The increasing level of
internationalization in all industries has generated a growing interest in
understanding the factors that underpin a firm’s ability to gain a sustainable
competitive edge in this new arena, with special interest in small firms that
do not have slack resources (J.C. Casillas, A. M. Moreno, F.J. Acedo, M.A.
Gallego, E. Ramos, 2009 pg. 311). This study is going to emphasis on the
techniques which can help a company, firm and SME’s to go international. Furthermore
there are a lot of factors that a company should consider before going
international, this study will also show how the companies undergo the internationalization


Among the difficulties
that a firm faces in its internationalization process, the lack of market
knowledge stands for the most critical constraint. In fact, according to the findings
of the EU Observatory of European SMEs 2006/2007 survey, the lack of knowledge
of foreign markets is the main obstacle to international expansion. However,
and in spite of this lack of knowledge contingency, international business (IB)
research has placed most of its attention on knowledge rather than on the lack thereof(F.F.d.Lemos,
J. Johanson, J.E.Vahlne, 2011 pg. 143). Therefore, in this study I will also
talk about the company that want to expand internationally, so it  should have a proper knowledge about the
things it’s going to do to expand to global market , as lack of information can
lead to the wrong path which can be harmful for the company in the future. Internationalization
is by nature a dynamic phenomenon, conceptualized as a process in which a firm increases
its level of involvement in foreign markets over time (J.C.Casillas, A. M. M.Menéndez,
2014 pg. 85). In this study will also focus on how a company can speed up its internationalization
operations through the choice of location and the modes of the operations as
these factors can affect a lot for a firm or a company during an initial stages
of their entering an international market. Hence, the internationalization also
helps a company or SME’s to grow more powerfully and have better understanding
of the global market.

This study will also give
brief run into the internalization process and how various techniques are
evolved and Imposed in company for their process of going international and
also the how different firms are adapting to different  internationalisation strategies to expand in
their own market share.