Interviews and facial expressions (Crush, 2015). F2F also

Interviews are used to assist employers in choosing the right candidate for the job while helping candidates to present their job skills.  While conducting interviews employers can collect different information about candidates such as work experience, communication skills, personality type, educational and cultural background, interest, social behavior, intelligence quotient, etc. Each organization uses different techniques, styles, and methods to interview prospective employees.  Face to Face (F2F)-  Is the most common interview method and is the most efficient form of assessment.  This technique will be used as it allows employers to get up close and personal with candidates while being able to watch and observe body language and facial expressions (Crush, 2015). F2F also offers employers a look at candidate’s attitudes, initial impression, interest, and professional style.  Using this method will allow the interviewer to probe for explanations and gain deeper insight to specific answers.Phone-  This form of interviewing is becoming more popular than F2F, organizations often use phone interviews when a large number of potential candidates have applied for a position.  This method will be used as it is often easier to schedule, its more convenient and assists in cutting down the cost of travel and the interview venue.  Employers can handpick potential candidates from resumes submitted, speak with them over the phone, then cut down the lengthy list of candidates to a manageable number (Foord,1992).  Telephone interviews also help to screen potential candidates, so you can then plan a one on one interviews if needed.Panel-  Happens when several interviewers are present, often there is one person who leads the interview though who are present are important.   This form of interviewing will be used as it allows the different representatives of the hiring organization, to reach a general agreement before making a hiring decision (Foord, 1992).  Utilizing a panel can be more convenient for the candidate as well as speed up the hiring process, instead of having to return for several rounds of interviews with different people, candidates can have one interview with many then be done with the process.Video – A video interview is the newest form of interviewing which takes place remotely using video technology as the communication medium, this interview process will be used as it is easier to organize than F2F interviews its financially beneficial and allows for re-evaluation later (Crush, 2015).  Interviews for senior-level positions are more likely to use video interview as it will enable the candidate to interview from different states, cities or even overseas and still have the face to face interview feel.