Introduction a number of factors including product, location,


I would like to describe the Broadband, So Broadband is an internet technology Which
provide the internet connection speeds in excess of 500kbps. (PTCL,
PTCL is also in the category of the broad band because they are providing the
various type of internet broadband packages (Fasthosts, 2009). PTCL offer two
different types of broadband services, Which are ADSL and VDSL (PTCL, High
Speed Broadband, 2017).

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ADSL broadband (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber
Line) is a broadband technology that allows speeds of up to 8 Megabits per
second (Mbps) across a copper telephone line. It is bad combination because
the downstream is much faster than the upstream. This is most suitable for normal
usage because a normal user download more data than will upload (Fasthosts,

VDSL (Very-high-bitrate Digital Subscriber
Line) is a new technology that works in a similar manner to ADSL. However,
it is possible in some cases to reach much faster connections speeds of up
to 52 Mbps (Fasthosts, 2009) .Because VDSL
requires new infrastructure, it is not yet available to all areas of the Pakistan. (PTCL, High
Speed Broadband, 2017)

The upload and download speeds you can
expect to receive will depend on a number of factors including product, location,
distance to the street cabinet and your own internal wiring. As well as PTCL
Uploading speed is one fourth of its Downloading speed, so if you have 4 Mbps
connection than your uploading speed will be 1Mbps. Which is not sufficient to
meet the customer’s needs (Ali, 2017).

The Competitors of PTCL e.g. Naya Tel is
providing the Equal uploading and downloading speed, so it’s time for PTCL to
equal the uploading and downloading speed otherwise most of the customer will
shift on the other internet service providers (Ali, 2017).

Use the broadband services, we will required
VDSL/ADSL modem, as well as PTCL subscription. It would depend on how many PCs
and devices you want to connect to the internet, So as per you can choose the
modems and router. If you required to connect more than 3 computer than you
will need Router otherwise you can use the modem (Fasthosts,

There are two different technologies ADSL and
VDSL. Please ensure the Router or modem you purchase is compatible with
your choice of Broadband connection otherwise it create problem.

PTCl providing two main types of packages,
one is DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) and GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical
Networks). If you compare the prices of the both packages you will realize that
you are paying extra amount in DSL network and getting the low speed internet
and in another GPON option, you will get the double internet speed in that
amount. The reason behind this is only non-availability of the line parameters
high is not a big deal. PTCL should do the sufficient upgrade in their network
and leave the old copper wire system and adopt the Fiber optical (PTCL, High
Speed Broadband, 2017).

The proper working range of copper wire is
only 3 Km. So, if the distance between you and your exchange is greater the 3
Km than its dead sure you cannot get the good broadband services, because after
the 3 Km copper wire drop the signals strength and you will not get the fast
internet service. Here you will decide to get the another Internet services (Ali, 2017).

PTCL actually provide their
service in both units Mb/s and Mbps. Normally DSL service provide us speed in
Megabit per seconds Mbps so if we have the 4 Mbps connection than we actually
getting the 0.400-0.500 Mb/s packages that’s why our downloading speed will be
shown 400-430 kbps in downloading manager (Ali, 2017).

This paper explores the relationship between
telecommunications policy and its impact on the economy. Its focus is the Latin
American region, starting by assessing the results of new research on broadband
economic impact. (Katz & Avila, 2010) Having validated the
causality through econometric analysis, it then moves to analyze the importance
of public policy in maximizing broadband development (Katz &
Avila, 2010).

As per research paper new wireless broadband
investments of $17.4 billion would increase the gross domestic product (GDP)
between $126.3 billion and $184.1 billion in 2010. (Rohman & Bohlin, 2012) Also added that
there is a positive relationship between broadband expansion and economic
growth. As well as this, broadband will result in an increase of between 4.5
million and 6.3 million jobs, which found that a nationwide network would
expand employment in the United States by an estimated 1.2 million new and permanent
jobs (Rohman & Bohlin, 2012). So in the Pakistan
this advancement is very necessary to grow up the economy. When PTCL upgrade
their network they will get the customers satisfaction and they also required
new employees so at the end employment level increase and economy will grow (Rohman &
Bohlin, 2012).

Literature Review

The news that Etisalat has failed to make payment in spite of extension
granted till October 28 is not unexpected. The way PTCL privatization was
carried out in a hurry without taking into confidence the employees and the
people opposing it, it was anticipated that it is not going to be so simple an
affair (Dawn, 2005). No doubt, June 18,
2005 was grand day in the history of Pakistan and specially Privatization
Commission (PC) when in an open bidding, Etisalat purchased 26 per cent
management shares at the rate of Rs117 as against the market price around Rs60 (Dawn, 2005).

Despite the growth scenario projected by the
federal government and international rating agencies, the business situation is
getting deteriorated for telecom sector as showed by the biggest telecom giant
of the country, PTCL Group remained in losses of Rs. 371 million during third
quarter of 2015 (RAHMAN, 2015).

PTCL Group failed to apply brakes on
its negative growth streak that continued during the first quarter of 2017 as
revenues dropped by 31.4% in Q1 2017 compared to the same period last year (PROPK, 2017).

According to the financial results
declared by Board of Directors’ meeting in Islamabad, the profits of PTCL Group
declined to Rs 2.145 billion by end of first quarter of 2017 as compared to Rs
3.13 billion reported during the same period last year (PROPK, 2017).


Problem Statement

Chief issues and problems of PTCL Broadband is my subject in
light of the fact that for the most part people groups are utilizing PTCL and
face diverse sorts of issues. Due to the passage of time and increase
in number of users the PTCL’s customers face the low internet downloading &
uploading speed, frequently dis-connectivity problems. So I am going to
conduct a survey to find out is it time to jump on another broadband service
like (Nayatel, 2017) Naya Tel or continue using PTCL with
upgraded FTTU (Fiber to the User)
System. (PTCL, High
Speed Broadband, 2017) PTCL is currently using FTTC (Fiber
to the Cabinet) system. We need speedy fiber optic transmission
system to meet customer’s needs, but the PTCL fiber optic system
is bounded to the cabinet or exchange and transmission of service to the user
end is still on the ordinary copper cable

Purpose of Study

Ø  Reasons Behind the
PTCL Service Failure

Ø  Economic Impact of
the Broadband

Ø  Difference between

Ø  Help to Choose the
best ISP

Ø  Comparison of the
PTCL Packages

Ø  Importance of high
speed broadband in Advance Century

Ø  Broadband and
Employment Opportunities

Ø  Help out in future

Ø  PTCL Packages Megabyte 1 Mb/s & Megabit 8 Mbps

Significance of Study

Uniqueness in my study I describe the
rational behavior to choose the ISP (Internet Service Provider), also it will
help to choose the economical PTCL packages. (Ali, 2017)
Many customers confuse that they are using 4 Mbps package but they actually get
the 400 kbps downloading speed. So I explain it in my study with the
appropriate references.


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