Introduction access the reviews that could be given

Introduction (mandatory)

Attitude is a bad behavior which has crept
into our lives, affecting approximately three-fourths of the population. Over
the years the pace of the life has accelerated dramatically and we have
witnessed ever-increasing competition in every wake of life. While all of this
has raised our standards of living, but it has simultaneously had deleterious
effects on our attitudes both at the level of an individual as well as that of
a society.

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Attendance violation is a major factor in
decline and bothering of several bad behaviors as well as in hail of their dire
events; cannot be a successful person without knowledge, damaging not only self
but the dependents and the recourses as well, student absences jeopardize student and university success, excessive
school absence is a precursor of school dropout and is related to infantile
crime, etc. are only few to
name. Investigation has shown that the key to prevention and ideal management
of these situations is stay severe in the following of the policies or measures
that are taken to minimize this issue. Educational success scores are associated with student’s
attendance. Students who are not at university cannot receive instructions.
And, because average daily attendance rates are a common determiner of institute,
absences mean that institutes have less resources to do the job.

In the proposed project, we aim to
providing a practical, economical and easily accessible solution for
effectively reducing this issue in the area which is most affected by it.
Recently, the concept of using computer and mobile based applications has
gained significant popularity among software developers. Similarly, we also
plan to achieve the aim of our project by designing an easy to use and
comprehensive PC window based application that will help in relieving
attendance violation among universities.

While designing our desired application,
we shall utilize the operative camera and image processing knowledge that could
be effective in face detection and recognition. We shall also include such
knowledge of JAVA language. Our development will be based on detailed study of
the experiences gained by previous software developers who have worked on the
same lines. Additionally, we will do cross sectional studies on different
randomly selected individual people to access the reviews that could be given
by the users of this application before and after its use.

We have found a surplus of studies when it
comes to put a figure on attendance violation. Unfortunately, students who missed more than 6 days in a course(s) are exhibiting education, behavior, and/or emotional
problems often have developed extremely negative perceptions of teachers, subjects/courses,
and university in general. This can lead to active detachment from classroom
instruction and university. Where the problem is general, it needs to be
acknowledged and established as a high priority for learning improvement.
University support staff and teachers can then cooperate in developing a major
initiative for pleasing those who have become disconnected and for retreating
atmospheres that led to the problem. Therefore, we will try to minimize this
situation be developing said desktop software application for the attendance
problem especially in universities where it becomes difficult to manage time
both for teachers and students.


Motivation and Scope (mandatory)

Adapting the same techniques as used and
researched upon by us, software developers and teachers can work side by side
to review the effectiveness of our applied methods to further develop a more
effective application in reducing attendance violation. Our application uses
image processing knowledge which has been proven to be most decisive technology
and there patterns for face detection and recognition by an operational. This
project will be a landmark in software development aimed to provide measures
for both, teachers and students regarding attendance issue. This will be in contrast
to the majority of applications that are developed without any consideration of
the use of face recognition based technology. With our implementation,
developers who want to do some work on image processing field can follow and
improvise their software development skills that will make more advancements in
this application.