Introduction have an engaging and successful career. Nowadays,

Introduction and its Scope

The world has changed, and along with legal industry. Lawyers
have to do better work to succeed in this evolving environment with enhanced
social skills and that was always a aim of professional development, and continues
to be.

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As we are witnessing most of the successful law firms have continuing
educational programs to improve and maintain superior social skills.
Communication skills, People skills, Teamwork, Relationship building, service
orientation, Interpersonal skills and Negotiation skills are all very important
and much more significance is required today on these skills and are leading to
a lawyer continuing to have an engaging and successful career.

Nowadays, learning how to communicate with
clients is so important because clients are demanding it and also build essential character qualities like trustworthiness,
respectfulness, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship. These
qualities helps in building an internal moral scope which allowing lawyers to
make good choices in thinking and behavior.

Increasingly social
skills promote to good organization and customer focus and it also help
in-house lawyer teams to work more closely with business colleagues and justify
their role in the company.  Job Standards
already identify understanding and communicating with customers as well as
engagement with strategy. Developing these skills may also help increase job
satisfaction and preservation.


These skill sets
will become even more important as we move towards 2020.

 As Richard Susskind puts it: “Tomorrow’s
lawyers will need to be more in tune with tomorrow’s clients.”


 If we talk about social media
like Twitter, LinkedIn, facebook has always been the social platform for
business professionals of any kind and law firms have noticed the benefits of
social platforms by creating the relationships with clients and social media also keep an eye on competitors and
keep up-to-date with industry trends.










Research Analysis

The legal
profession has always been an important branch for administration of justice.  “A well-organized system of judicial
administration proposes a properly equipped and proficient Bar.”

Being a good
advocate or a in-house lawyer or attorney is about getting all the facts of the
case, putting them across as evidence and pursued the judge so as to win the
case.  A good lawyer’s job is to convince
the court his/her case with evidence and logic.

Apart from
this, a lawyer should also possess social skills that are the most important tools that enable people to communicate,
learn, get needs met in appropriate ways, get along with others, make friends,
develop healthy relationships, protect themselves and be able to interact with
the society.

People skills

People skills are about the behavior and behavioral
interactions. It is described as:

Ability to effectively
communicate, understand and value the work.

Ability to interact
with other respectfully and politely and develop productive working
relationship to reduce conflict and enhance relationship.

Ability to
build honesty and trust, moderate behaviors and enhance


 In the legal profession it does not matter how good you may be
at the work you also need to be good at working with people. Trainees may not
be meeting clients but they will be expected to work well with the team they
are sat with and as we all know that the lawyers rely on their reputation of
their work, which will enhance with ease of work. But it does not mean lawyers
get too personal with clients but they should maintain healthy relation with