Introduction. help of our merchants. Pak Suzuki has


4Suzuki Capital Motors. 4MISSION.. 5VISION.

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. 5Current Products. 5Suzuki Bolan. 5Suzuki Ravi 5Suzuki Swift. 5Suzuki Wagon R. 5Suzuki Mehran.

6SWOT ANALYSIS. 6Strength: 6Weakness: 6Opportunities: 6Threats: 6My Job. 7First Week. 7Introduction. 7How to deal with customers. 7Other departments.

7Product Range. 7Second to Fifth Week. 7Delivery Orders. 8Record Maintaining ofSales. 8Delivery Invoices. 8Sixth Week. 8Conclusion: 9Bibliography. 10   Pak Suzuki MotorsIntroduction PakSuzuki Motor Company Limited was shapedas a joint venture between Pakistan Automobile Corporation and SuzukiMotor Corporation (SMC) – Japan.

The Company was joined as an open restrictedorganization in August 1983 and began business operations in January 1984. Theunderlying shareholding of SMC was 12.5% which was step by step expanded to 73.09%.PakSuzuki is pioneer in Automobile Business having the most market share and the biggestassembling offices in Pakistan with an Annual generation limit of 150,000vehicles. The vehicles delivered incorporate autos, little vans, Pickups, Cargovans and Motorcycle.

Pak Suzuki holdsover half Market Share.Followingthe forceful arrangement of Indigenization, Suzuki vehicles have a soundneighborhood content up to 72%. This was made conceivable by solid help of our merchants. PakSuzuki has the biggest Dealers arrange offering 3S (Sales, Service and SpareParts) offices crosswise over Pakistan.Lookingafter the Environment Pak Suzuki was pioneer in presentation of Factory fitted CNG vehicles.

PakSuzuki dependably attempts to go forcefully for the sound improvement of thegeneral public by expanding mechanization, industrialization and makingopenings for work in this manner enhancing the general population’sexpectations for everyday comforts with the joined endeavors of theconsiderable number of merchants, sellers and Pak Suzuki representatives.SuzukiCapital MotorsSuzuki Capital Motors is a Pak Suzuki Dealershipthat provides services e.g. Sale of New Vehicles, Service & Maintenance,and Suzuki Spare Parts.They are offering complete range of PakSuzuki vehicles for customers.They also offer special discounted ratesfor regular maintenance along with Genuine Suzuki Spare Parts for corporatecustomers.

  MISSION·        Developproducts of superior value by focusing on the customer·        Establisha refreshing and innovative company through teamwork·        Strivefor individual excellence through continuous improvement VISIONTo be recognized as a leadingorganization that values Customers’ needs and provides motoring solutions withstrong customer care.Current ProductsSuzuki BolanSuzuki Bolan also called carry daba. Thecar does not meet any international safety standards. This vehicle does not includeairbags, abs, and even rear seat belts. Only manual transmission is available inthis product.Suzuki SwiftSwift launched by Pak Suzuki in 2010. ThePak Suzuki Motors version of the Swift is a modified version of theinternational 2004-2010 Suzuki Swift 1.3 but with lesser features.

This vehiclelacks airbags, luggage area light, force limiters and rear view wiper andwasher which were standard in the international version.Suzuki Wagon RPak Suzuki launched the new Wagon R on 2014.It comes with three variants of Wagon R – VX, VXR and VXL – in 9 body colors.

It is paired to a 5-speed manual transmission. Suzuki MehranBegan production 1988 as the”Alto”, but renamed to Mehran in 1992. with a 800 cc engine,manufactured by Pak Suzuki Motors.. Suzuki CultusSuzuki Cultus launched in 2000 with a 1000cc engine. 2003 to2010 CNG kit was offered.  Since 2003,the car is not being manufactured or sold in any country outside Pakistan. Itis only offered in manual transmission.

 SWOTANALYSISStrength:·        HighestMarket Share ·        CheapPrice Vehicles·        Resaleof  vehicles·        Wellmaintained supply chain·        highlyManaged and  competitive staff ·        Goodunderstanding between Distributors·        Availabilityof spare parts.Weakness:·        FewTraining Institute of mechanics·        Fewdistributors in urban areas·        Lackof TechnologyOpportunities:·        Increasein Demand for vehicles·        HugeMarket size to operate·        Internationalspare parts marketThreats:·        Competitorse.g. Toyota, and Honda·        InternalInvestments and production facilities·        Smugglingof spare Parts (selling on cheap prices)·        Inflationrate·         Taxes·        importedcars·        IncreasingFuel Prices My JobI have done 6 weeks internship as perthe requirement of the university. The duration was from 3rd July to15th august 2017. Following are the week wise tasks that I have doneduring my internship.First WeekThe first week is all about theintroduction of the organization and all the related work that I have to do. Eg·        Introductionof the Organization·        Howto deal with customers·        Otherdepartments of the Organization·        ProductrangeI have learnt about all these thingsmentioned above.

They wanted me to know the all basics to start my work.IntroductionIlearnt the Introduction of the overall organization. It is a centralizedorganization. And span of control is short.

 How to deal withcustomersTheytaught me how to deal with customers. E.g.

with a smile on face, be kind andpolite, and always be polite if the customer is hyper. Other departmentsIcame to know the other departments of the organization except Sales. They haveservice department, HR, Marketing and Finance departments.

Product RangeTheproducts that they are offering are SUZUKI CARS, Mehran, Liana, Ciaz, andPickups.Second to Fifth WeekIn the second week my actual work wasstarted. The following things I have learnt in the second week.·        DeliveryOrders Details·        Recordmaintaining of sales orders·        DeliveryInvoicesThis Organization deals with corporatesector.

I have to maintain all the record of delivery, orders and invoices.Delivery OrdersMywork was to keep all the details about the delivery. e.g delivery time, andplace/person/company. I have learnt time management by this. How to meetdeadlines.

etc.Record Maintaining ofSalesThetask given to me was to maintain all the records of the orders received from thecustomers and if there is a change in the order I had to update my record toavoid any clashes between us and the customers.