Introduction: ,Phone no, Email no, Mobile no, City,

Introduction:                   The “CAR SHOWROOM MANAGEMENT” project belongs to the car showroom (Ex. Mahindra’ car showroom).                   This project helps to understand the functionality of car showroom. It shows how the daily work is done in showroom. This project will stored the showroom information in database.

How the work will handled by staff, manager and other employees who are the part of showroom.                     There are different modules in the project which are 1) Employee2) Customer3) Car detail4) Delivery5) Service center                    The main purpose of this software is to provide the convenience for owner and the employees too. Billing process, stock income and outcome and all other transactions are handled easily.                    It helps also to maintain all the records very easily also easy for managers owner to review all the things.Modules of the software1)Employee details:First name, Full name, Last name, DOB, Date of joining,Phone no, Mobile no, Pincode, Adhar no, City, State, Pan card no, Email id,designation,Department,Employee id, etc.

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2)Customer Details:Customer id, First name, Middle name, Last name, Date of birth ,Phone no, Email no, Mobile no, City, State, Present Address, Permanent Address, etc.3)Car details:Serial no, Company name , Car no, Car model, Price, color, Quantity, etc.4)Delivery details:Delivery id ,invoice, Customer name,Delivery date, Address,Car model, Car code,Car no,Phone no, Delivered by employee name, Balance Amount,etc.

5)Service center details:Service center id,  Service center owner name, Address, City, PinCode, Email id , Mobile no, Fax no, etc.Functionality of moduleInsert: It will inserting new details in database.Update: It helps to updating values in database.Delete: It helps to deleting the previous values in database.Edit:  This is used to editing any info in database.

Advantage and Disadvantage Advantage:1.   Proposed system is very easy to understand.2.   The employee who is unable to use the computer will understand it once it is taught.3.

   Very less time is required to store the information.4.   Searching of new records by their id will become very easy.5.   There will be no chances of errors because data is electrically  stored .

6.   The will be no very useful for employee because it satisfies  their needs.Disadvantage1.   It’s desktop application so it’s specific to the showroom.

2.   We have to upgrade the s/w based on upcoming technologies.3.   To understand full functionality to employee it’slittle time consuming.4.   Then should be biometric, fingerprints, technology to access the s/w.