INTRODUCTION: the Ananas comosus peel is useless or

INTRODUCTION:          Ananas comosus peel is a natural resource of our nature unlike  other fertilizers Ananas comosus peel is organic.Many people know that the Ananas comosus peel is useless or no use that they treat as a waste but it have many positive effects in our Society.Many people think that Ananas comosus peel are not able to eat and poisonous but through Research it can be eaten in the way of washing then boil it within five minutes and by adding sweeteners to improve peel taste,Ananas comosus peel makes human body good in condition by the essential vitamins that is required for our body like Fiber that is goodfor Human digestion and to remove body wastes and also Vitamin B and C, Magnesium,Potassium,Folate,Zinc,Calcium,minerals and rich in Anti-inflammatory,Anti-aging and Anti cancer properties.Ananas comosus is the third most important tropical fruits in the world including Banana and Citrus the countries have big production of Ananas comosus are Tropical and Sub-Tropical counties like Philippines,Thailand,Brazil and Costa Rica.Ananas comosus peel have many benefits that many people are not known well Ananas comosus peel have many benefit in human health and industry according to many Research.Ananas comosus peel can be used to produce Dresses,Papers and Vinegar.Aside from that Ananas comosus peel is good as a fertilizer in many plant due to its structure and vitamins.Ananas comosus is part of bromeliaceae family and commonly used old times to treat number of diseases.Ananas comosus peel can be use to produce methane,phenolics and bromelain.Ananas comosus also known as (pineapple) is very common and  popular in the Philippines because of its good production in Agricultural sector And helps our Economy and one of the best seller fruits in the Philippines due to its sour,sweet and delicious taste that many people are also like to eat.Ananas comosus peel have anti-oxidants that helps to treat radicals that are causing number of diseases and also it have medicinal properties that will Boost Immune System,Prevents hair lost,Enhance digestion,Prevents heart disease and also can improves Eye vision.Ananas comosus (pineapple) was introduced by Carl Linnaeus the Father of Taxonomy and also Drew Merill,Ananas comosus grow every second year of cultivation and harvested every One year after and Ananas comosus have a cluter with large amount of berries.The word pineapple (Ananas comosus) is an English word was use on 1798.Ananas comosus was discovered in South America between Orinoquia and Amazonia after this discovery Ananas comosus was popularized and the plantation are grow in South America and also spread in Caribbean region,Mexico and Central America.Fourty years ago the Commercial cultivation of Ananas comosus was developed in many countries.Ananas comosus grow by 18 to 27 Degree Celsius is required for its development.Ananas comosus peel as fertilizer can make the plant grow because of its nutrition and the peel is non-toxic and able to help the production or multiply organism and will result in high biomass.Ananas comosus peel have 10% of weight from the original weight from original fruit and the peel is 96% percent organic and 4% inorganic and also it is bio-degradable and recyclable that can make new raw materials in particular study Ananas comosus peel will be grinded using blender and it will be use as a fertilizer in Ipomoea aquatica plant.Ananas comosus have essential nutrients to sustain the growth of the plant.                        Ananas comosus peel is particularly selected as fertilizer because will make good effects in planting process.Ananas comosus peel will help Farmers to improve their plants and to earn money faster and Ipomoea is the second organism and will be tested its growth.Theirs a possibility that the Ananas comosus can affect the growth of Ipomoea aquatica.Ananas comosus is packed of vitamins and minerals that is good for the soil and plant improvement.Ananas comosus peel will not be throw if we will be practical and will not cause environmental pollutions.In some instances Ananas comosus peel have thorns but it will not affect the growth of Ipomoea aquatical because the peel will be grinded.Therefore Ananas comosus peel in this particular study it will determine the growth of ipomoea aquatic only and not for some instances.