Introduction the customers can pay for the goods


Advancement of the information
technology and increasing demand of fashion and glamour among people is
influenced by the social media and so affects the buying pattern. More than
handful of people now a day’s use social media such as Instagram, Watts’s app
and Facebook which tend to make them buy goods and items. Moreover, business
going onto the online has also made the customer to buy the accessories in convenient

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Usage of the social
media is increased significantly where people using pads, tabs and surfing
internet are also equally increasing. Online advertisement, blogs, posts of the
fashion business has also attracted the consumer buying pattern. The customers
buying pattern is adversely affected in these days than that of the past as
because consumers can easily have access to the information through those
sites. Before, there wasn’t the existence of these social media outlets, so
sales were done through the outlets and the shops pointing out from the
consumers’ opinions.

Luxury goods and
fashionable products are rapidly in demand. Because the demands of luxury
products are high and are value–added the business is flourished and customers
are high in numbers which increase in buying pattern of the people (Ko, 2010). Furthermore they
try to spend more by seeing the product and getting attracted towards it.
Change in buying pattern means spending the money on a certain product whether
it is somewhat higher or lesser than that was before.


Business gives priority
to social media in today’s work. They talk about the YouTube, Facebook, and
Twitter which are also the interesting issue discussed by the executives as
because pulling the customers are favourable. Additionally the customers can
pay for the goods by seeing them in those kind of sites(Andreas M.Kaplan, 2010). Taking a simple
instance of a dress, when the ad of the new dress from Myers is seen in the Facebook
with some offer then people tend to view the dress and try to collect
information. Also they could try to book for the dress in.


Fashion Industry does
not only get limited to the dress or only to the non-durable things, it tends
to go far away. The luxury market has matured and had gone to the expansion and
grew the number of the customers. Many luxury businesses have their own Twitter
accounts or post themselves on Facebook. Due to all the interactive way of
communication helps in buying patterns and influence the customer to buy good
which emphasizes marketing as an important factor to determine the buying
pattern of the consumers (Wanga, Yu, & Wei, 2012)


Objective of the Study

The main
objective of this research is to explore social media advertisement impacts on
purchasing behaviour of consumers in the context of the fashion industry. Furthermore
it also studies the post purchase behaviour of consumer influenced by social

Scope of the Project

The scope of the research is to focus on the geographical areas and to
reach individuals ranging in different age and groups within Sydney. Social
networking is essential for communicating with each other and so it is also
been used by the businesses to communicate and share the information with
different parties of the business

Literature Review

One of the
crucial factors of marketing in the today’s society is the social media where Facebook,
Instagram and other Medias are frequently used. This is considered to be the
driving force for the business to obtain the fruitful result of the business
and helps to flow information to the target market. Also detail observation
shows that social media helps in marketing tool and can support the luxury
brands Kim and Ko, (2010).


As per Fuchs, (2017), the marketing technology via
social media is to be considered as a powerful and smooth way of attracting the
local and other customer who concern is regarding the brand and names for a
period of time. Involving interactions among customers, entertainment, product
customization, word of mouth are followed for the social media marketing policies.
With this customers equity, brand loyalty and relationship also get attached
which reflect the relationship of the customers to the brand loyalty.


and Thal, (2013),explains the trends of the fashion by analysing, filtering and
customizing the model to take over the market. Advertising
through social media tools helps to create awareness towards consumers ,
initiate them to buy the goods and help them to educate regarding the products
which let  consumers  not to directly jump towards the product
.This helps in making a decision before buying and obtaining a firm’s products
and services. Since there are issues relating to qualitative analysis regarding
posts and comments reviews related to the effectiveness of the product, it builds
consumer awareness. With all this the customer will go on for the decision
regarding buying the goods or not (Boateng & Okoe, 2015).


People buying
goods online and these trendy environments have increased the people’s opinion
regarding every object. They provide views and recommendation to their friends,
families and relatives. This is also widely observed where the purchasing
capacity of the individual increased. With the clear communication and the
positive statement from word-of-mouth the sales of the industry increased and
the users tend to buy via online.(Joseph Cabosky,
As consumers are pulled from the effective communication regarding luxury
brands as they are titled in the social media buying decision of the consumer increase. Using electronic media
consumer are clearly communicated to choose their products in a wide range (Angella J.Kim, 2012).


decision processes contains five crucial factors which includes problem
recognition, information search, evaluation, purchase decision and post
purchase behaviour. The importance of social media is seen when the
advertisement presents the gaps between the entire feature of the products
which is fruitful for customer (Shafigullina
and Palyakin, 2016). Solomon, (2014),
presents that sources of information is categorized into two types: internal
and external. Goh, Heng and Lin, 2013, advised
that while evaluating the course purchaser need to differentiate between
purchase quality and purchase intention. Due to social media conversation is
also possible in order to purchase goods (Hajli,
2014). By the help of the online websites and other form of the
e-commerce business and social Medias consumer purchasing power is increased.
Sites like Wish, Wal-Mart and Alibaba which supplies the latest goods and
trendy objects for the comfort of the consumer (Ashley
and Tuten, 2015). Due to the social Medias and ads, there are some
brands that flourish such as Pepsi, Dominos, Nike etc.


The usage of
social media by outlets and fashion retailers about how to use and manage the
target audience is necessary where those customer  need to respond and  buying the goods and supplies by creating a
profile as influenced by the social media also shows their ration of usage (Adnan Veysel Ertemel, 2016). Fashion is equally
connected to the trendiness. As social media has all the updates relating to
the latest news, records and hot discussion topics regarding fashion industry
people are more curious to know about it and try to follow the trend of the
fashion.  Furthermore, before buying any
product consumers  pay attention towards
the brands items of the luxurious goods and tune up to the more frequently news
provided by various types of social media to obtain  exact information, thus this create the
trust, loyalty to the sites and pull the customers to buy the items as
following the promotional activities.(Godey, Manthiou,
Pederzoli, & Rokka, 2016)

In Addition, social Media helps in providing the rating, recommendations
and online forums to communicate with other users. Individuals present trust
and helpful in exchange of information. Vinerean
(2013), stated social media have been a crucial factor that appeared for
the beneficial factor for the fashion industry. Customers are attracted towards
the good rating and reviews and positive comments for the purchase of the goods
in order to customize review(Okazaki and Taylor,
2013). is one of the good example in which it grabs the
brands of fashion in Sydney that explore the latest trends (Kumar et. al., 2016). The research has shown
that the consumer is more attracted towards the reviews and responses of other


Sydney’s unique
fashion styles and the trend in Australia is a casual approach which is mainly
classified in form of dress, its features, and showing the cultures in on the
existing cultural phenomena. Fashion tends to get recognized by its styles,
cut, colours and looks. The people of Sydney follow the internet widely for the
fashion and glamour, while they also follow the some great designers. With the
knowledge of the styles and flavour of style they feel comfortable as a casual
attitude (Godart, 2014).

Justification of Assessment First

The review of
literature shows that that social Medias has played a vital role in attracting
the prospect customer. Recently many retails outlets and business use online
social medias like facebook, twitter, blogs, webpage etc to advertise their
product. From the above reviewed article it is justified that the online
marketing is more effective as compared to prior method of promoting the


Statement of Problem

In order to
accomplish this research project, the following statements of problem have been

Whether social media
advertisement have any impacts on purchasing behaviour of consumers in the
context of the fashion industry.

Whether social
promotional tools have any impact on post purchase behaviour of the consumers.

Research Gap

This is the descriptive research
design which aims to find out the impact of social media advertisement on the
consumer buying process. When reviewed most of the articles, more of them
focused to find the relationship between the promotional tool and consumer
purchasing behaviour. The present researcher tries to find out whether there is
any impact of promotion on post purchase behaviour of the consumer.

Research Question and Hypothesis

question is formulated to carry forward the research work based on objective,
research gap, and literature problem.

What is the degree of association between the usages of social media
advertisement and consumer buying behaviour?

Is there any influence and impact of social media on post purchase behaviour of

hypothesis has been formulated based on research question.

Hypothesis H1-
There is a positive relationship between social media advertisement and its
impact on consumer buying behaviour.

Hypothesis H2-
There is a positive relationship between social media and its impact on the
post purchase behaviour of consumer.

Research Design and Methodology

This research
report is a descriptive one which tries to generalize the findings based on the
research articles.

Nature and Source of Data

To conduct this
research the published sources are used. Also the researcher have done general
observation visiting local (Sydney) website of different retail outlets; their
advertisement strategy and consumer feedback about the product.


 Sample Decision

The articles are selected on the
intuition and convenience of the researcher.


Qualitative/Quantitive Research Design

This is a qualitative research design as
it only reviews the already published articles and no any primary data
collection is done. The information is solely secondary sources.

Limitation of Research

Since the study
is related to retailers (fashion outlets) located in Sydney, other outlet
located elsewhere are not covered. The study and findings about one city or
country is not applied in other country. Other limitations of the studies are
as follows:

1.      The
articles were taken according to the convenience of researcher.

2.      The
articles reviewed may not be enough representing the whole population.

3.      The
proportion of different categories may not be equally distributed that would
provide the concrete information.











Study Plan


research plan describes the activities done and time taken from staring of the research
project till completion.






Choosing topic





Review of literature





Setting hypothesis





Finalising research design












Discussion and Conclusion

Hajli, (2014),
presented his idea that the social media marketing helps in advertisement as
well as practical guidance for consumer buying behaviour. Online marketing is a
finest method where customer can be attracted easily who like to enjoy in the
world of fashion (Oyza and Edwin, 2015). Social networking sites such as
Facebook, Instagram are widely used to view the choice of the customers as well
as raise the voice of the customer.


 People acquire information, put reviews and
with all the push and pull factor of the detail information the customer will
be making the decision regarding the purchase. Internet, cyberspace and its
related technologies like Facebook , wish are a wider and a bigger and a great
platform for firms to advertise their products and services so many countries
like Australia will  have a more
dignified relationship with customer and positive attitude products so they
provide valid and reliable products advertise to gain attraction from consumer.
Hence this helps in manifesting individual attitude and gaining the opinion of


The fashion
industry of Australia has a big influence in the living culture and lifestyle
of the people. Sydney’s person is different from others as the dressing sense
as the living styles and activities like surfing, swimming and beach culture.
Attitude toward any luxurious goods and brands affect positively towards the
brand equity and value which ultimately leads to the buying pattern of the
customer (HoonKim, EunjuKo, BingXu,
& Hanc, 2012).
Social media marketing provides with noticeable opportunities to reach end
users and maintain the social binding as well as build their social communities
to improve their personal relationships. Hence, these are varieties of
information that are useful and helpful to uphill the confidence of consumer.


To sum it up it
is very important for the business firm of Sydney to understand the influence
of social media advertisement on the buying behaviour of consumer. The study
shows the positive association among social media advertisement and buying
behaviour of customers. The fashion of the garments and other stuff is ever
changing so it is one of the challenges for the retailer to meet the ever
changing demand of people along with updating the availability of products in
different online sources. The study shows that trust in E-commerce is very
crucial to boost sales online. The chief management implication is to sustain
and build the faith by public media for online suppliers. Sydney has diverse
and distinctive fashion style that must be cleared to distinguish from European
style lines. Public media advertisement helps customer to buy product after assessment
and proper judgment with other brand.