Introduction to be aware and conscious of your

Introduction To be someone who is mindful, is to be aware and conscious of your thoughts and decisions. Mindfulness meditation is when you are focusing your consciousness or awareness to a specific task or thought in any given moment. Meditative practices originate from indian and asian cultures like hinduism and buddhism and have been used to calm and work on the mind, but the idea of mindfulness didn’t arise until the 15th century when someone by the name of John Palsgrave, translated a french term “pensée” to mean alertness, watchfulness and attention. Society is generally misinformed about what mindfulness is and tend to correlate mindfulness and meditation with buddhist practices, in hopes of understanding what it means to be mindful. Mindfulness takes commitment and you have to be willing to train yourself Health perspective- Well being and happiness (How is improves well being and stress , current days and need to find Buddahs teachings that promote “happiness”   Meditation has been said to improve stress levels , calm the body and mind, and even cure ailments or illness. Religion perspective – Buddhism and Christianity (how it is used and benefits there religious paths)enlightenment, path of no sins. In christianity, the believe in god As Jessie Sun, a researcher in hope of understanding the history and possible application of mindfulness states, Mindfulness is even entertwined in the practices of christianity, in the sense that keeping god in mind during the things you do, and choosing not to commit sin, is a constant state of mindfulness of God. This constant awareness of a higher power and of what is considered as sin, guides christian followers to attempt to be good natured and to be contempt with what you have, and to ultimately achieve a sense of happiness of acceptance in life. In buddhism, The 8 fold path is a guide to reach a state of awareness of your mind and intentions, and detach yourself from your negative emotions. Buddhist believe that in order to understand that all life is connected,  that we should treat everything with compassion BuddhismThe idea of mindfulness wasn’t associated with buddhism until the late 18th century when a textual scholar Rhys Davids translated a pali word from the Mahaparinibbana Sutta, a scripture about the end of buddha’s life as being mindful or attaining mindfulness. A trait that was worthing gaining.Leadership Pespective- (buddah past teachings of mindfulness to improve decision making and give a positive mindset ) Mindfulness uses today to improve work and/ or leadership positions.