Introduction which are controversial in the country. This

Introduction Education is important for the developmentof a developing country. Education is the process of making great manpower orlabors in a country, which is being a power of the country. The fourth sdg isto achieve quality education and pancasila also said in the 2ndpancasila “kemanusiaan yang adil danberadab”. The 2nd pancasila said ”beradab” which means that one of Indonesia goals is to create acivilized people in the country.

A great civilization comes from a good qualityeducation, so in order to achieve the 2nd pancasilas goal, we needto also achieve the 4th sustainable development goals. There are alot of problems in Indonesia educational system and culture, one of the majorproblem is the new system of full day school, which are controversial in thecountry. This paper is made in order to explain the problem that occurs inachieving good educational quality in Indonesia, and also to give somesolutions to it. Although there’s a lot of deficiency to the paper, likelimitation of times, author’s lack of knowledge in making a paper, and smallexperiences on making paper, author hopes that this paper could be a tribute tothe nation and the society.  Definition and The Purpose of Full Day School  The ministry of education in Indonesia hadjust implement the full day school about a year ago.

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Full day school is asystem of education where school activity started and run full day. It startedat 06.45 and ended at about 15.30, with a 2 hours break duration. Bahrudin saidthat the main focus of this system is the settings of study subjects and thedeepening of the subjects material. With this the education can deliver lots ofmaterial to the students in a short time in the educational schedule. Thissystem is implemented based on a study that said that the effective learningtime for childrens are 3 – 4 hours a day, in a formal form. And 7 – 8 hours inan informal form.

With this the government hopes that the implementation offull day school will creates a fun and effective learning systems and  good atmosphere in school studyingactivities. The implementation of full day school itself exist in order to faceeducational problems regarding morale and behavior. With full day school,parents can be assured that their child are save and prevented from activitiesthat could lead their kids into bad things.   Controversies Regarding Full Day School Although the definition and purpose of fullday school was seem legit to solve a lot of problems to Indonesians education,fact said that in the implementation of full day school, it is not that ideal.There are a lot of problems and contradiction comes to the system. After oneyears of the implementation of full day school, society retrieves a lot of realproblems that occurs in this system. The background of the problems are mostlyproblems regarding cultural and economical condition of the students.Indonesians economical condition are proven to be still below averages of agood economical condition.

This also occurs to the students that studies withfull day school. Parent needs to provide more money in order to make sure thattheir children are fine in the school. It means that students brings more moneyto the school, with the implementation of full day school. This is a beginningof a lot of problems.

With students holding more money than he/she actuallydoes, it will make them more likely to be consumptive, while one of theintention of current education curriculum in Indonesia, is to make creative andproductive students. Full day school also effects students mental aspect. Withthe normal school studying system been implemented, students are stressing outbecause of the homework, tasks and projects given to them. Now, with theimplementation of full day school, it makes their condition even worse thanbefore. In the cultural aspect, full day school gives a chance for bad schoolculture to be occurred such as bullying. Bullying in Indonesia is common andalready happened a lot of times and one of the cause to it is that there’s alot of chance for bullies to bully people.

With full day school beingimplemented, it makes more chances for bullying to occurs and this will make alot of chaos in Indonesian society, and this will disprove the purpose of fullday school that intended to prevent students from having or conducting bad andnegative activity. The implementation of full day school itself is not yetsocialized. Which means that there are still a lot of people that don’t knowabout this system. Fikri Faqih, the vice president of the 10thIndonesians DPR commission said that the implementation of full day school as apolitical decision, should not be decided only by an institution that have the authorities,or parties that are supporting it. But instead, the implementation of full dayschool should be made and decided basic on the public choices. Thus, he askedfor full day school to be socialized massively and clearly.    Conclusions Government have a good intention ofimplementing this full day school learning system. They have made this systemto overcome a lot of problems regarding the object of education.

But inreality, it is too quick for the government to implement this system in such anearly stage of the readiness of Indonesians economical and mental condition. Inorder to implement this system, the government needs to prepare a lot of thingssuch as the mental of students in Indonesia, and Indonesians point of view tothe full day school. The government should also raise the national budget foreducation, because in order to be prepared to face full day school, thegovernment needs to build a lot of school infrastructures that will support thefull day school system and also to make every public school in Indonesia equal.Indonesian people should also be aware of how important education is to theirlife, and schools should also be able to adapt with new systems immediately.