Is Reality broken?

They also pose potential threats as time- misusing game play may develop into addiction, in serious cases; Job loss and relationships are at risk. So, Is Maniacal credible on this subject? As we read we will see clear examples of knowledge on the subject of gaming found indefinitely throughout her writing as she establishes herself as a trusted authority and earns respect from readers. Vast, up to date, knowledge on the “nine to fivers”, the gamers as she describes them. By including the details on video game users, we, as the reader, can conclude that Jane has done extensive research.Drawing together facts ND information to persuade the reader In her argument, Jane is a very structured and respectable writer.

She Incorporates her own expertise Into the script. “As a research director, Eve learned… ” Is Just one example of such experience. Noting that she Is a research director, we automatically assume she knows what she Is talking about, she has the credentials to advance on her audience with the knowledge and skill needed.

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Immediately, a rather concerned or cautious stance and tone is introduced.Jane appeals to her audience with pathos, directly communicating and noting on elements of a certain topic assisting the reader’s ability to understand and comprehend it “Anyone who sees a hurricane coming should warn others, I see a hurricane coming”, Jane uses this great proverb to snag the attention of her audience in the first line of her essay. This technique immediately establishes the essay as informative and possibly a forewarning.

This line caught my eye specifically due to the fact that, to me, this would be common sense.This made me a little more comfortable reading her text, as I thought this line was clever and Intuitive. I would eke to point out that In this essay, Jane sets a personal tone that makes the reader feel sympathetic and slightly fearful of clusters of people becoming immersed in online gamely.

Phrases like “abandoning the real world”, “rejecting reality entirely”, or even “disappearing into game worlds”, definitely set a dark tone and even allow feelings of dismay and concern.A slight confusion for the reader, Jane is both encouraging of online gamely, yet checks the power of certain games that could be potentially harmful to users. Jane portrays the gamers feelings as positive when benumbed in their online worlds.

“Exhilarating and heroic purpose” but negative when forced to Join others in “reality’. Jane will note, as well, that not every one of these “active gamers” are going to partake In “Hard-core” or ;extreme” gamely.As you read, you may also see a persuasive contingency In the sentence muff can’t pull millions of person-hours out of a society without creating an Atmospheric-level event”, powerful wordplay Like “Social cataclysm” can render a tense climate with the plenary at TN tons could De we see multiple examples AT Ross (Taluses AT speech), Rooters, exemplar, exercising, etc. The reader could portray “will create a change in social climate that makes global warming look like a tempest in a tea cup. ” as both hyperbole and analogy wordplay.I do think I would consider this essay as a call for action as the incentive to “Take action”, is potentially given in the text “will become”.

This made me think, “This hasn’t happened yet, something could be done to slow it. ” To get her initial purpose of the essay across, we see the clear use of strategic writing through description, exposition, persuasion, and comparison and contrast. Asking the audience questions such as, ‘Who are they? “, Intending to involve the reader on a more personal level will allow readers to relate to the text.Asking questions and including the reader or audience into the text lets the reader get onto the authors level to better understand his or hers side of the argument. We see a number of branches gradually scale her initial argument, “over the next generation or two, ever larger..

. “, “growing perception”, and “We are fast on our way to becoming a society in which a substantial portion of our population devoted its greatest efforts to playing Ames. ” These sentences and phrases lead us to conclude that one of the main issues in this essay is the “ever-skyrocketing” amounts of time users tend to spend on video games.Jane includes texts from the book “The Histories” CITATION Her 1033 (Herodotus), describing how the incorporation of games into our everyday agenda has greatly improved some aspects of our lives. Again, informative and intellectual use of words greatly increases odds of interest in the article or text. A Detailed description on the amounts of time spent in an alternate reality by these gamers, into what is expected to be a $68 billion industry’ may remind the reader that the issue at hand could have drastic consequences on economic stability, as “The Peoples bank of China intervened to prevent the devaluation of the Yuan. This sentence caught my eye as this fact is surprising and horrifying to me.

Thus, brought my attention closer to her purpose. An excellent advancement on the aspiring audience. Granted this essay was written in 2011, we still face these problems today. Maniacal has done a great Job to help her audience to better understand the gamers perception of reality compared to video games. Her use of persuasive tactics was worked smoothly into the text.

Though not entirely devastating, the current state in which our country is in, socially and economically, have a lot to do with the simple fact that, and Jane makes it clear, humans are in dire need of a change. Neatly entwined facts and information that outline the initial point in the essay are easily spotted throughout the text. Maniacal Includes history and current events that help the targeted audience to better understand why games are important to human culture, as well as potentially dangerous. Excitement, suspense, and sadly fear are just a few emotions I found myself to conceive as I read the text.I found that while reading, I became sympathetic towards the end, as I learned that games have been a fundamental part of human civilization for millennia. Only recently, games are designed to satisfy more and more genuine needs that we may have no way to fulfill. This essay is infinitely informative and inspiring.

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