Is Social Work a Profession Discussion Essay

In society today we have three perspectives which Influence our thinking: conservative, liberal and radical. I believe that the liberal perspective is the most beneficial because it utilizes the social programs available to assist those in need. Ultimately, when we help Individuals and specific groups determined to be needy, I feel that we help society as a whole. As we have become more educated in the workings of human behavior; the physical body and the mind as well, we have also begun to realize that helping others helps us all.Anyone who wishes to be a social worker today I believe would also lean towards a liberal view politically. The fact that we have social welfare programs in existence means that the government is aware of the needs of the less fortunate members of our society. This Is definitely a good thing.

Three major social welfare benefit programs are healthcare, Department of Children and Families and the Division of Mental Health Services. The three differing perspectives have equally differing views on each program. Health care is a huge expense in today’s world.The conservative view regarding this issue is that people who can afford to pay for it will have access to it. It Is not a shared responsibility that all Americans have nice teeth and remain disease free. The liberal view is that not only is it a tragedy to deny any person healthcare simply because they can’t afford It, It also becomes an eventual and Inevitable drain on taxpayers dollars anyway.

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When people don’t receive basic benefits help maintain physical well-being, their health deteriorates and they often end up with more serious medical needs…The radical point of view would move for the government to see to the healthcare needs of all Americans, regardless of any differences in the classes. The Department of Children and Families plays a very important role in today’s society. Conservative thinking people will argue that It Is in the best Interest of the child to place them in an environment that is conducive for success. They hold the belief that if the home is determined to have dysfunction it is the government’s moral duty to help that child often by removing him or her from the home.

The extreme conservative may think that no government involvement Is Justified, and that communities and the church are responsible when a family Is In crisis. While the liberal view also may Involve removing the child from the home, the main goal is to educate the family as a whole and reunite them when the home life has become safe for all. This is also a way to lessen future damage to society because education Is the only way to break dysfunctional cycles. Radical thinkers would again move for more responsibility on the part of the government by ay of all needs being met for all of society whatever they may be. Is a growing area AT Knowledge today, an a ten more we learn ten more resources we establish. Being that economics is a big deciding factor for the conservative viewpoint, the amount of attention and contribution in this area for them would be an issue. As with other major social welfare benefit programs, the conservative leaning would be towards dealing with the immediate needs of someone with a mental health issue, and less social program implementation in order to save funds.

The liberal would be pushing to continue to create more social welfare programs to educate and facilitate funds being allocated to care for those in need based upon not only the immediate needs, but to meet the long term needs of people. The more we learn about mental illness the more we realize how to treat it… Therefore it is a constantly evolving area of social welfare. Once again it would be my inclination to expect the radical thinkers to demand government reform in this area to make all assistance available at all times completely unchallenged, at the full expense of the government.In closing, I feel that the liberal view is the most successful functioning viewpoint.

The positive impact a social worker can make for one family contributes to the success of generations to come. The fact is, not many Americans today can say that they either don’t know anyone who has need of a social welfare program, or that someone in their own family has in fact sought one out. To me, utilizing help means breaking the cycle of dysfunction within ourselves, our families, our communities, even our government and society as a whole. I am proud to have my liberal view.