Is the Affordable Health Care Act Viable?

Since March, 2010, when president Barack Obama signed into law the Affordable Care Act, there has been much controversy over whether it’s a good or bad thing for America.Most people believe that this new law is unconstitutional, and it goes against the amendments.I believe that this law does not violate our amendments.I think the Affordable Care Act is a great thing for America because it gives us the opportunity to improve our lives.The Affordable Care Act also commonly known as Obamacare or Health Care Reform gives us more stability, choice, and control over our health insurance.

It will also help us lead healthier lifestyles. Obama’s health care reform provides every American with health insurance regardless of race, ethnicity, or income. With universal health care, everyone’s life should be prolonged because proper treatment and health care will be distributed at a much lower cost. Today, insurance companies have the privilege of denying people coverage, dropping certain people and increasing the costs of insurance whenever they chose to.

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There are many articles that demonstrate the power health insurance in America. In one article I found, “Hospitalized Children without Insurance Are More Likely to Die, a Study finds,” written by Roni Caryn Rabin of the New York Times, shows how the life span of children with insurance is longer than children without insurance. Through her research, she discovered that at least one thousand hospitalized children die each year because they do not have the proper insurance that hospitals require. She also discovered that sixty percent of children that are uninsured are more likely to die than the children that are insured even with the same demographic backgrounds. Should children and the future of America suffer and die because their parents could not afford health insurance? Obama’s goals is to provide security and stability to the people who already have health insurance.