ISSC351 – Week 4 Your name: Brian Poe

ISSC351 – Week4Your name:Brian Poe COMPANY’S COMPUTER LAB OVERVIEW             One of our main objectives is toprovide reasonable access to computer resources provided by the company and toensure to maintain a professional atmosphere that is appropriate for theworking environment and its employees. The following policies and procedureshave been approved and applied. In order to provide a consistent standard, theappropriate security measures for accessing and authentication to the company’snetwork is strictly enforced. The company computer labs will be used by companyinternal staff and employees for their work-related activities only.  COMPUTER LAB PROCESSES             The Lab Liaison will help anypersonnel will accessing the computer lab for use.

The Lab Liaison and computertechnicians are primarily responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of thecomputer lab. They will enforce all policies, procedures, and operations of the computer lab and as staffand employees, your use of the computerlabs constitutes your consent with following the rules and their instructions.For any reason, you failed to follow the rules and instructions given,disciplinary actions will commence and your employee computer access privilegeswill be revoked. If you require any assistance during your use of the computerlab, you are to seek assistance from the Lab Liaison or computer technicians.

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 PROCEDURE FOR ACCESSING THE COMPUTER LAB 1)    Request a computer number from the LabLiaison for computer use. 2)    Provide the Lab Liaison your employeebadge to receive the computer number. 3)    Upon receiving the computer number, theuser will access the computer desktop and browser by entering the passwordannotated on their computer number. 4)    When done with using the computer, theuser will return the computer number in order to receive back their employeebadge.  RULES OF CONDUCT AND COURTESIES 1)    Food, drinks, and tobacco – eating, drinking, or using tobacco products are prohibited. 2)    Accessing, downloading, or reading pornographic,obscene or profane material is strictly prohibited. 3)   Loudnoises – Participating in behavior or activities that disturb other users orinterfere with the operations of the laboratory is not allowed. This includes,but is not limited to, loud talking, playing music, or unnecessary noise making.

Disruptive, for example, talking loudly,crying, laughing or cursing is not tolerated. Make your conversations withothers in a quiet way that does not disturb the work of other users in thecomputer lab. If you become disruptive, you will be asked to leave.

 4)   CellPhone Usage – All cell phones must be turned off or silent (vibrate mode) whilein the laboratory. If you receive a phone call, you must exit the computer labbefore answering any mobile phone and continue your conversation somewhereoutside the computer lab. 5)    Excessive printing of large documents -prints not work-related files in the computer lab is prohibited. Printing morethan 10 pages are prohibited. 6)    Duplicating software – Unauthorizedcopies of software under license from the computer lab hard drives or serversis a violation of federal copyright laws.

Copy right laws and software licenseagreements will be strictly applied in the computerlab. 7)   Savingfiles – documents and files of any kind saved on the hard disk of the computer willbe automatically deleted. Data files created in the computer lab must be directlysaved to a floppy disk, USB drive or a CD. 8)   Changethe Hardware Configurations and software – hardware and software changing configurationsin the computer labs are prohibited.

This includes changes to the settings, theprinter’s configuration and modification of the software of the system. Thosewho violate this policy will be referred to the official authority for suitableadverse action, which may include the loss of the computer privileges. 9)    The following types of activities areexamples of behavior that are unacceptable, and which, in some cases, mayviolate federal or state law: a.

            Access to another account, directory, filesprivate or email without permission of theowner. b.            Distort its own identity in the electroniccommunication. Violate copyright and/or software agreements. c.            The use of computing resources to threaten orharass others.

Violate lab and the political systems, procedures, and Protocol. Violation of these rules can leadto the revocation of the privileges of laboratory and/or disciplinary action CONSEQUENCES: Violations ofrules and regulations that the above will result in disciplinary action.Disciplinary action will include, but is not limited to: 1)   Givena verbal warning.

2)   Askedto leave the computer lab. 3)   Yourname is given to the competentauthorities of the appropriate measures that could result in loss of privilegesto the computer, or terminated from the company.