Issues Affecting America and the World

There are two very distinct issues facing American today that both affect us tremendously while simultaneously affecting those around the globe. In trying to decide what Is worse for the United States of America; being over Involved In the affairs of other nations troubles or allowing evil to run free we must look at both issues as closely as possible. I believe evil must be contained yet we can not afford to be the world’s babysitter, also, I hate to see other nations suffering but we can not interject ourselves into the affairs of others when we are not wanted.

I understand completely that after World War II the newly liberated world looked to the united States of America to be the leader and “Peace Keepers” In the affairs of all men and at that time it was crucial because we emerged as the world’s Super power. Newt Ignoring says that we did not ask to be the leader of the world and that it was thrust upon us, but, “it was time for America to stand forth and save the world from another such conflict. Accepting the challenge, we assumed leadership of the free oral’s struggle against Communism (Ignoring 2011, 165). At that time we could AFFORD to be the peace keepers of the world, however, we meddled Into Iranian business and ended up with the Shaw, we meddled into the business of Osama/ Osama Bin Alden’s feud with the Russians and then left those high and dry creating a deep seated hatred against the United States. These are Just a few examples of dealing with international ills which have backfired and created mass chaos for future generations; problems we still face today.

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We see this today with Libya among others, we have supported, encouraged, and assisted in the “Arab Spring/Enlargement. ” Quadric/Acidify was an evil man who killed many people, however. Libya is not a civil society; the majority of those there are savages and sadly needed that dictator at that time due to the fact he “checked” his people.

This administration saw fit to help the Libyan rebels rising up against their leadership and gave mass amounts of weapons and ground support to assist the rebels all the while Gadfly was yellingHey these guys are Muslim Brotherhood and In bed with AY Qaeda (paraphrased of course). Once again, we were wrong. Now, do we allow evil to run free? Mol First, we must identify what evil is. What was happening in Egypt, Libya, and Syria were Muslims wanting to instill Shari Law, the leaders of these nations may not have been great people but they kept the widespread of evils of the radical Muslim Brotherhood under wraps. Now we see evil run amok throughout the Middle East with the new Caliphate being Initiated. We ought the evils of Communism as It began to spread.

When the Communists invaded Poland and the Polish people began to rise up against it, we fought and we fought hard but not with brute force; we sent fax machines to help the Polish communicate with one another, we spoke out against the evils of Communism forcing them to always be on the defensive and ultimately leading to their demise. That said, both are so detrimental to the united States of America it’s hard to decide which Is worse. Ultimately, I must concede that the United States of American Interjecting lid.I say this politically, knowing that if we concentrate on international ills it will drain our time, money, and resources thus prohibiting us from stopping the march of evil in the world. We are America, and as Americans, we will not allow evil to spread.