It 5 different seasons depending on which part

It get’s so cold in North America, this could happen to you.

 The weather is a fascinating part of the natural environment. It’s that part of nature that everyone will agree is quite unpredictable. Even though we can predict with accuracy to some extent, when it’s going to rain or not, we are far from utmost certainty forecasts.The weather comes about 2 to 5 different seasons depending on which part of the planet you find yourself and well over ten kinds (Rainy, Stormy, Sunny, Cloudy, Hot, Cold, Dry Wet, Windy etc. ) In our part of the world (North America) there are four seasons experienced.All four (winter, summer, autumn, spring) come with their own perks. Adults especially love the less cold seasons because they get to go out and have all kinds of fun and they are good seasons to work and earn money.Winter, which is the coldest of the four seasons is more of a children’s weather because it comes with a lot of holidays and off-school days.

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Cold weather, however, comes with all kinds of hazardous conditions. Study shows that a person is 17 times more likely to die in a cold weather than when the weather is comfortable. Some Ways snowy weather can be harmful and How to prevent themCar accidentsDriving in snow can be a dangerous endeavor.  Ice on the road can cause cars to slide, causing drivers to lose control of their vehicles. A study shows that most of the deaths recorded in winters storms are as a result of car accidents.According to a study from the University of Georgia done in 2015, winter storms claimed some 570 lives between 1996 and 2011. This number is without counting airplanes crashes caused by such storms.One can only do so much in the face of accidents, however, it doesn’t mean one shouldn’t try.

When a vehicle starts to slide on the road as a result of snow, the best way to control the vehicle is to take the foot off the brakes and gas, and basically wait it out. Trying to accelerate or brake the vehicle may worsen the situation.Falling ObjectsIce accumulations have been recorded to bring down such objects like trees, wood sheds, and even buildings. The heavy snow and freezing are known to make some objects which are otherwise strong, very brittle and easily broken.There are many online resources that educate on the kinds of objects that are dangerous to be around when the weather is extremely cold.

It may be dangerous to seek shelter in weak wood sheds or stand under weak trees a when it has snowed for a lengthy period. Frostbites and HypothermiaFrostbites is a medical condition caused by prolonged exposure to extreme cold. It is damage to body tissue as a result of exposure to such conditions mentioned earlier. Another condition caused by extreme cold is hypothermia.

It occurs when the body temperature drops to less than 95°F.In both cases seeking medical attention is the best way to stay prevent lasting damage, however, if medical attention may delay, slowly warm the victim to body temperature through sharing body heat or not too warm water, soup etc. Winter is fun, but it can be dangerous. Take precautions to stay safe and enjoy the season.