It facts stated above. We never see companies

Itis how we feel from the inside that determines how we behave or react on theoutside. The core values that are important to us, builds up how we feel forourselves towards others. When we talk to an elderly person and listen and obeythem, they feel respected and important. It is our behaviour that stimulatesthis reaction in them.

Thisis also applicable in an organisation. The level of input and effort an organizationspends on of team building, good practices and quality is what helps themgenerate those productive results. If an organization doesn’t make someone feelimportant or respected or even rewarded for their work or talent, then theywill definitely see a decrease in performance which affects the overallprogress of the organization. Machines only need operative instructions; buthumans need support, motivation and training to polish themselves and that willalso add quality to their pattern or style of work.

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It surely plays a part inenriching the organisation as a whole. Whydo companies give bonus, paid holidays or even insurance? Yes, it is a policydecided by the government, but the company’s major agenda is to make theemployee feel valued and this makes the employee understand the organisationalgoals and work towards achieving it. Focusing on how people feel and what theywant can be mutually beneficial, as the employee is satisfied and works toachieve common goals and personal goals. When an employee works on the commongoal, it certainly becomes his objective to want to get the job done, as itwill result in the growth of the company and in-turn the company will rewardhim/her. In addition to monetary rewards, he/she will also be given recognitionwhich will boost his/her confidence level and set a new working atmospherewhere effective practices can be put forward.Theseinstances are enough evidence to support the facts stated above. We never seecompanies who give value to employees fail. Some examples include Tata, Wipro,Infosys, J.

W.Marriot and the Murugappa group. It is human nature to react andthese emotions trigger off the feelings and have a milestone to say about ourbehaviour. If organizations come an inch to make employees happy, they willthen come a mile to please the organization and take care of the setobjectives. The employees must be treated as a part of the company; as, oncethey have a sense of belonging in a particular setting, they work for itsbetterment. They will work as if they are nurturing their own child.

Organizations need to make employees feel needed and wanted. This also ensuresthe loyalty of the employees and ensures that employees remain committed to theorganization even during a crisis. When someone shows care, we do notdisrespect them or abandon them.

So make employees feel needed and they will dowhat you want.