It just relax for a bit?” says PattonNO

It was an average day in Thomas’ apartment, Patton, Logan, and Thomas sat at the kitchen table eating breakfast when all of a sudden a loud pound came from upstairs. Next thing you know Roman and Virgil came down the stairs yelling at the top of their lungs.”You do this every fucking day sit here like a sad little brat wanting attention. Like a rich whore who isn’t getting daddy’s credit card!!!!” yelled Roman as him and Virgil walked into the living room. “Oh yea well I would rather walk around here like a sad little brat the be the brat that thinks he is better than fucking everyone! YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO ANYTHING!” Virgil yells back as Roman walks towards the kitchenGuys can we all just relax for a bit?” says PattonNO HE NEEDS TO LEAVE!” yells roman and Virgil together while pointing at each other”ROMAN YOU ARE NOT A PRINCE YOUR THE FUCKING BEAST!” yells Virgil soon regretting what he said knowing his lover was going to get defensive. And with that Roman had turned bright red and yelled “MAYBE YOU NEED TO LEARN HOW TO USE THE FUCKING KNIFE CORRECTLY AND CUT DEEPER YOU WORTHLESS USELESS WASTE OF SPACE!” All of a sudden everyone got silent. So silent you could hear a pin drop. Virgil looked up from the couch at princey and with teary eyes. “Y-you don’t mean that do you?” he says in a small voice. Roman snaps out of his anger state and looks at his boyfriend with regret. “Roman you need a break walk away….NOW!”, Patton commands walking over comforting a crying Virgil. “Come on Roman why don’t you go to your room” Logan says as roman sinks down to the mindspace.Thomas, Logic, and Morality sit on the couch trying to calm down Anxiety. “Anx its okay” says PattonANXIETY”S P.O.V”Anx it’s okay” says Patton. I start to feel myself shake dramatically. I can’t tell if I can not see cause I am blacking out or because of the tears rushing down my face, however I manage to rush myself into the bathroom and lock the door. I stand in front of the mirror grasping out the sink. With the one friend in my hand that hasn’t left yet…a razor blade. I start to pull up my sleeve and try to find a clean area which is harder than it seems but as the voices get louder and stronger I give up on looking for a good spot I just start to slit and slit some more. All of a sudden from outside I hear a familiar voice say “Are you idiots you can’t allow him when he is like this in there alone.” Next the voice knocks on the door and waltz in. I look to see its my true love Roman. And even though we had fought and he did cause this pain i couldn’t help but run into his arms and cry.ROMAN”S POVI walk into the bathroom to see the aftermath of another one of anxiety’s accidents. He had one big cut down his arm. As he rushes to me staining my white jacket with red blood. I can’t help but fall and start to cry. “I am sorry. I wish I understood your pain and what I put you through” and with that all of a sudden a big boom went off and we both some how passed out. I am guessing from the shock. ANXIETY’S POV I open my eyes and look over at…myself….I get a little scared thinking that I am a spirit looking upon my dead body until Patton walks in the room and touches my shoulder saying “Roman are you okay?” As he proceeds to call for Logan to come check on…um who I am assuming is Roman inside my body.ROMAN”S POVI popped up from the slumber that came over me from the dreaded sound. And I scream a bit seeing my body looking dead at me. “Am I-I dead?” “NO.” my body responds “Its me princey, Virgil somehow we switched bodies.””You empathy switched.” says Logan while Thomas and him entered the bathroom and dressed my now visible wound. “Two questions how did I get this cut and what’s empathy switched?” I ask a little worried.”I think I can explain,” says Thomas, “Empathy switching is something sides can do when they say i wish i could feel how you feel…So you switch bodies to feel each others pain.”