It religions teach prayers the meaning of life,

It is said that religious faith is declining in developed countries such as Australia, Europe. Nevertheless, this is not happening in developing countries, in fact, people following religion is increasing. There are an abundant of different religions around the world. With different religion share different cultures, rituals and activities. Not only does religious faith give people hope and belief, but it also shapes us in the society and make us who we are today. This report is focusing on analyzing the differences and similarities of two popular religions, that is Christianity and Buddhism. First and foremost, what make the religious faith decline throughout 1966 to 2016? According to Relss (2015), people in America tend to live their life in a spiritual way instead of believing in religion. In other words, nonbeliever seems to search for the meaning of life by their own way and their own choice, no one can interfere them.

Therefore, the proportion of religious faith decrease gradually in developed countries. In addition, religions are sometime put heavy upon the family. For instance, raising their child in a religious way and make them to the new church member.

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This could make the children feel uncomfortable and overwhelming with religious teaching. On the other hand, people in the East following the religions is rising because they think God as their salvation or the lesson from the Buddha make their lives better. The person who have been through a hard time, they follow the specific religion because they think the Lord or Buddha is the one who save them from the evil and bring them back to life again. Having a belief in yourself is not a worse thing at all, it makes us feel that we are connected to the society and live in the correct way unless we depend on it too much. The next paragraph is going to identify the similarities of two religions that are Buddhism and Christianity.

Buddhism and Christianity are the largest religions among the world, they were both found by the ancient who sought to the path. The obvious similarity of these two religions is they all have believers and prayers. These religions teach prayers the meaning of life, showing their path is wrong or right. Even though the activities from these distinctive religions is different, they are both show that people need to live their life correctly, so they don’t feel anxiety for the rest of their live. Furthermore, Giordano (2016) states that there is a slight similarity between the Bible and The Dharma Wheel. For example, the teaching of loving others from the Buddha is “Let your thoughts of boundless love pervade the whole world”. And the teaching of loving others from the Christ is “This is my commandment that you one another as I have loved you”. They both share the same meaning of loving others but in different words, Buddha taught you that your love should cover the Earth, and the Bible told you to embrace everyone like the Christ love you.

In fact, some other lessons have same quality of meaning but express in different way such as love your enemy, do not judge others, … Overall, Buddhism and Christianity are both famous religions and believed by many people, they all have some slight similarities when comparing to each other such as the lesson of life, the history… However, there are some significant differences that make their religion unique and distinctive. To begin identifying the differences between Buddhism and Christianity, Pettinger (2013) clarifies that followers of God seek for the salvation from the Christ and Buddhist believers consider that individual must work for their liberation. For example, Christ followers assume their God shall reign the world once again, they will bow the God and respect him as a King. They believe when they pray their God and live correctly, Christian will reward them eternity life in the Heaven with happiness. In contrast, the Buddhist worship think they need to learn the Dharma Wheel to live correctly. They assume if they made anything bad such as cheating, murderer, they will be punished in the Hell.

But if they live nicely at the present, they will be rebirth after their death. More interestingly, Weldon (2001) indicates that Buddha doesn’t believe in infinite personal God who could create human and forgive their sins, Buddha just simply provide the lessons of life and it is ourselves to fulfill if we want to live in happiness. In Christian faith, they require faithfulness and passionate, every church member have to come to church and pray for their God, so they can be forgiven and purify from the evil. However, Buddha followers don’t have to come to the temple every week, they only go to the temple on special event such as Chinese New Year. Buddha teach the followers about the difficulty and meaning in life, so we can stand up whenever bad situations affect us.To sum up, Christianity and Buddhism are two famous religions and believed by millions of people.

Despite being two distinctive religion, they all have some similarities. The most recognizable is the teaching of life from Buddha and Christ, The Dharma Wheel and The Bible respectively. They both share the same quality of morality but in different way. However, there are some characteristics which make Buddhism and Christianity unique. The feature to distinguish them is between the salvation from God and liberation from Buddha. People believing in God think Christ is the mightiest and can save their soul from the evil. Buddha followers also think the Buddha is powerful, however, the Buddha doesn’t have the power to change everyone fate and hope. Buddha followers believe they must work by themselves to live happier.

Furthermore, the life after death between Christianity and Buddhism is also different, one is rewarded by eternity life in the Heaven and the other is trapped on the life cycle of death and rebirth. Even though there are a lot of religious faith around the globe, each religion has their own special feature which distinct them from others. We can not judge them by their rituals and activities, instead, we investigate what make the religion believed by many people.