It standardized data collection and analysis techniques. His

It is a pleasure to recommend
Mr. Teklebrhan Aregawi for a Ph.D. programme in any University.  I have known Mr. Teklebrhan Aregawi for the
past two years while I was his advisee on his MA thesis entitled “Contribution
of Public-Private Partnership for Technology Transfer by drawing Evidence from
the Partnership between Metal and Engineering Cooperation and Small &
Medium Enterprise” which was carried out as partial requirement for his Master

He contacted me first
after he developed a concept note and I was impressed by his preparedness and
inquisitiveness to know more on the subject. Having discussed on the concept
note, he developed proposal development with a clearly defined statement of the
problem (both practical and knowledge gap); objective and research questions;
synthesizing and analyzing literature review, and research design and

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After successful proposal
presentation and feedbacks from pertinent researchers at the college, he
developed data tool collection. As a result, data were collected using
questionnaire survey, FGD, and KII. He effectively led data collection process
including training data collection team, sample selection, pilot testing, and
collected 95% of the administered questionnaires. In the process, he proved his
ability to work independently, creativity and enthusiasm.

His communication skills
facilitated an unbiased and effective data collection. Teklebrhan was curious
about standardized data collection and analysis techniques. His clarity on SPSS
statistical package has immensely helped us in doing a comparative data analysis
through various methods. Moreover, he was quick to learn additional techniques
and use it effectively for analysis.

I discovered matured
personality in Teklebrhan. He was so devoted, accountable and highly motivated
advisee. Clearly, he was one of the best students that I have worked within the
past few years. I strongly recommend him for a Ph.D. programme, because he
would be a great addition to any university he joins.