IT Systems in Companies

How can an IT system initially help a company advance, but later become a requirement for that business to stay competitive? In order to run an effective company you need to be organized and have something the consumer wants. IT systems can supply the organization required to advance the company to the forefront. After advancement naturally the company will grow and become a competitor in whatever the product being sold Is, and this is where having the IT system will become a requirement to stay competitive.

Once the company takes on the IT system and becomes organized It will be extremely hard and regressing to revert back to the “old way of doing things” this will In turn force the company to keep or Improve their current IT system In order to keep up with other competitors. In the day and age that we live In with this face paced lifestyle with everything and anything at the consumer’s fingertips a company must evolve to slut the consumer.

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The consumer Is what keeps any company In business and In order to be a competitor he company must be up to date with technology since the consumer will more than likely require these advancements. For example, if you went into a new coffee shop one morning and ordered your coffee and doughnut but while attempting to pay noticed the didn’t accept ATM or credit card and you had no cash well the coffee shop lost your business, and not by any fault of yours it is the companies fault for not staying up to date with technology which includes our IT systems.