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It gives me immense pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Mr. Utkarsh Gupta who is seeking to pursue Master’s program in Mechanical Engineering at . I have known Utkarsh in my capacity as his Professor for over three years now during which, I taught him the courses Computer Aided Engineering and Mechatronics in his fifth and seventh semester respectively. During the time I have had interactions with him on an academic and a personal level, what struck me instantly was his commitment to his work and his desire to achieve excellence in whatever he undertakes. Through my observation, I would like to say that he is attentive and studious and always possesses an inquisitive attitude towards academics. Utkarsh is a perceptive, sharp and quick individual driven to understand how things work, whether they be common systems like pulleys, gears, etc. or the complex working of automobiles. His curiosity in understanding the mechanisms of the myriads of system existing in the world is noticeable from the queries he raises during the lecture hours. His habit of relating everything taught in class with the everyday applications has strengthened his base. Throughout his junior and senior year, he has proactively been heading an automotive unit which fabricates an electric ATV, an idea that he said had sparked from an initiative to conserve the depleting fossil fuels reserves by switching over to use of renewable sources of energy. Being the founding member of the team, he has worked tirelessly to bring the idea concocted into a reality and has taken up this prototype to a national-level competition SAE eBAJA, organized by Society of Automotive Engineers, securing an All-India rank of 14.I have also supervised his laboratory work for the senior-year Industrial Project. While I was the overall Project Coordinator, I’ve had a chance to witness him work in a research environment. He has been actively engaged in his project All Wheel Steer, where he is trying to implement a complex and relatively new idea surfacing in the automotive sphere, a system which assists drivers by altering the steering angle of a vehicle’s all four wheels according to speed at which it is running. His zeal to tread the paths less travelled makes him an asset to his project group precisely because of his energy and enthusiasm, which also uplifts people around him into an excited and more productive state.Mr.  Utkarsh showed his passion towards learning and this eagerness coupled with his intellectual abilities, interpersonal and communication skills and a good technical knowhow made him deserves my first-rate recommendation for admission to your prestigious institution. His caliber to grasp concepts, ability to know when to sit back and let others take the lead and determination he displays instills confidence in me towards his success in future endeavors. His endless curiosity, combined with his willingness to think outside the box leads me to believe that there will be no limits to his growth and achievements in this college and beyond. Seeing his potential to study in a world class university, I’m delighted to recommend him to get admit into your graduate school. If any further information is needed, please don’t hesitate to contact me