ITINERARY: be spent in tents. Day 4 –


Day 1 –

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Drive from Dehradun to Uttarkashi and further on to Sangam Chati (6-7hrs/175km)

Drive from Dehradun after breakfast and have meals en route to reasch Uttarkashi soon Just as dusk begins to overshadow the day, reach Sangam Chatti, an idyllic village market place that will be the starting point of your trek. Get to know more about where you are and the following course of the events.

Day 2 –

Trek from Sangam Chatti to Bhebra (2250 M) (3-4 hrs)

Begin your day first with a hearty breakfast and prep for the upcoming adrenaline rush as you gear up for the trek.  Begin your journey with an initial steep climb that will take you to the Agoda settlement. this is where you break ground for your trek to Dodital and Darwa Pass. After that, set out on a free-flowing, gradual trail to Bhebra which has plenty of lodges and tea-stops for resting after certain intervals of time.

Pitch your tent at the awesome campsite above the rivulet. From here on, be prepared for snow. Overnight stay in tents.

Day 3 –

Bhebra to Dodital trekking (3310 M) (5-6hrs)

Relish again a good morning’s breakfast, after which you set out on a trail that goes up steadily from Bhebra through a huge forest. This one is located high above the Asi Ganga and is also a track that leads on to get one to Dodital.

Take a look at a Gujar settlement, just 5 kilometres away located in Manjhi. Take a break here and dig into your packed lunch. From there, you make way through a collection of rhododendrons and pines and coniferous foliage and beauty.

In this section, know that it will snow a lot and that this snow is one that comes along with some challenges and excitement. By late afternoon, arrive at the serene lake. Set camp beside it and take in the beauty that abounds.

Overnight will be spent in tents.

Day 4 –

Dodital trek to Darwa Pass (4150 M) and back (6-7hrs)

On this day, you can either choose to limit your trek and stay near Dodital exploring the beautiful lakeside area or you can choose to hike up to Darwa pass. In case you decide that you want to go to Darwa Pass, start early to ascend the summit that would require quite some strength and energy. The initial part of the trek is a delightful one as you make way through meadows dusted with snow and lined decoratively with rhododendron trees.

The pursuit of reaching the top is a challenging but a rewarding one too. This is a tricky part but no big deal. Witness the majestic Himalayas. Once happy and satisfied, you can go back and retreat to Dodital.

Once back at the camp, sip on piping hot masala tea and some crispy pakodas. Overnight will be spent in the tents.

Day 5 –

Trek from Dodital to Bhebra (2250 M) (4-5hrs)

The easier of all the days that you are on this trek, you will not be wearied out on day 5 since all you do is engage in a steep downhill descent as you go back.

Overnight will be spent in tents.

Day 6 –

Trek from Bhebra to Sangam Chatti (2-3hrs), drive from Sangam Chatti to Dehradun (175km / 6-7hrs)

Once you have had breakfast, set out for destination  Sangam Chatti. Enjoy the charming walk through Agoda hamlet. Once you reach, board vehicle to drive down to Dehradun which you will reach approximately round 6:00 PM (depending on if you begin early). Your adventure comes to an end here.