It’s more fun in the Philippines

It’s More Fun in the Philippines Are you planning to go on a vacation soon? Have you decided where to go? If you haven’t figured it out yet; I can help you with that! I know a great place to visit where you can enjoy and experience the beautiful scenery, friendly and happy people, and most of all, very affordable prices. So pack up your things, book a ticket and lets have fun in the Philippines! First let’s talk about the scenery in the Philippines.It is located n South East Asia and it has 7,107 islands divided into three main islands Luzon, Visas, and Mindanao. Each island has tourist spots.

First, the white sand beaches are extraordinary. Example is Portray Island. Second, the volcanoes are amazing. One example would be the smallest active volcano in the world, “Tall Volcano”.

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And last are the caves. “The Calla Caves in Canaan” is an example of one such attractions. There are more tourist spots that you might like. Secondly, the people in he Philippines are wonderful.Everyone that you’ll meet there will have smiles on their faces. The people are very friendly and approachable. They are also patient.

They have a lot of respect, especially for older people. They use “pooh” every time they talk, which is a sign of respect while talking to others. Now you know some traits of a Filipino, I hope you’ll visit soon and make friends. Third, the price is right in the Philippines. If you’re having doubt because of your budget, do not worry. Everywhere oh go, all the prices are affordable.

I’ll give you an idea, $1. 00 would be 43. 00 pesos in the Philippines. Hotel rooms cost $30-$40, when you buy food $20 is good for a week. Now you know how to budget your money. Enjoy and shop as much as you can! Now you know why the Philippines Is a great place to visit.

From the famous volcanoes, caves and white sand beaches to have some relaxing with the friendly people there and for a very reasonable price, this Is the place to go. So what are you waiting for?