Ivanhoe Cedric wanted no relationship between Ivanhoe and

Ivanhoe is written by Sir Walter Scott.  It is one of the most historic romance classics in English literature. The story takes place in middle ages in England.

In this time, the Saxons are ruling England under King John. King John is Richard Lionheart’s brother. Richard Lionheart is coming back to England from fighting in the crusades. On his way back to England Richard the Lionheart gets captured and taken to an Austrian prison. While Richard the Lionheart is in prison, King John took advantage of his power and turns out for no good.

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Wilfred of Ivanhoe was disowned by his father. His father did not want to be a part of Ivanhoe’s life because of two reasons. The first reason that Ivanhoe’s father did not want to be a part of his life is because, Ivanhoe was loyal to Richard the Lionheart and followed him into battle. The second reason on why Ivanhoe’s father did not want to be a part of his life is because Ivanhoe fell in love with Rowena. Rowena was the ward of Cedric who is Ivanhoe’ father. Cedric wanted no relationship between Ivanhoe and Rowena.

Cedric wanted Rowena to marry someone else named Althaea. Althaea is a Saxon. Cedric was very loyal to the Saxons.

After Ivanhoe fought in the battle, he returned to his home in England with a disguise. He disguised himself as a pilgrim and, fought the tournament of Ashby-de-la-Zouche.  Ivanhoe won the tournament with the major help of the black knight. At the end of the tournament, Ivanhoe crowns Rowena the queen of love and beauty.  Once he crowns Rowena, Ivanhoe passes out due to the injury/weakness received from fighting the tournament.  Prince John finds out that his brother is free from the Austrian prison and wanted to stop him from in having any power on the throne.

King John tried to set up de Bracy to marry Rowena. De Bracy captured Cedric and the Saxons after the tournament. He imprisoned Cerdic and the other saxons at Front-de-Boeuf’s castle of Torquilstone. Those who got imprisoned by De Bracy are Rowena, Cedric, Athelstane, and a father and daughter who took care of Ivanhoe. The father and daughter that took care of Ivan hoe were Isaac and his daughter Rebecca. Ivanhoe is also captured with them.

De Bracy tried and convinced Rowena to marry him, but she was not interested. Rowena was still in love with Ivanhoe and nothing seemed to break that bond. Since Rebecca is spent a lot of time/taking care of Ivanhoe, she started to have feeling for him. De Bios- Guilbert heard this and was not happy. He tried to win Rebecca over but did not go through with it.  After many a while both De bracy and de Bois-Guilbert gave up and did not accomplish what they intended to do. Meanwhile as the men are not so happy more unwelcoming news came down the way.

The news was that the was being attacked. One person especially was seen attacking the castle, The black knight. The battle is fought, and the prisoners are set free. The castle was set on fire. De Bois-Guilbert brought Rebecca to Templestowe but is put under fire because he brought a Jew to their sacred place. Rebecca is accused of being a sorceress. A trial for Rebecca is commanded for her.

Rebecca requested somewhat an appeal to see if her hero will end up defending her. Ivanhoe shows up at the trial by combat and defends Rebecca and won the battle. After the attack/battle de Bois-Guilbert died from his horse.

The black knight reveals himself to everyone who is also King Richard. In conclusion, Isaac and Rebecca moved out of England and Ivanhoe married his true love Rowena.     My final thoughts on this novel is that I found it to be interesting. I am not a huge fan of classics.

I never really intended that I would find this novel to be interesting, but I ended up really liking it. Two quotes I liked from this novel are: “a jealousy of ambition and of wealth, as well as of love” (page.198), and “You have power, rank, command, influence; we have wealth, the source both of our strength and weakness” (page 431). I definitely would recommend this book to people who are interested in some romance and adventure.