Jay so that they can produce many resources

Jay Richardsdescribes Freeze-Frame Myth in this chapter whereby people believe that thingsalways remain the same.

He gives an example of the assumption that thepopulation trends are likely to continue indefinitely or treating the currentnatural resource as it will always be required. This is a destructive belief,and most people have heard about it. The root of this myth has wrongassumptions that the resources exist in limited amounts and that theindividuals consume mainly the resources like the locusts (Richards 183). I doagree with the fact that the free market encourages individuals to thinkcreatively so that they can solve the problems through new approaches.

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In thatcase, the market drives the invention and the entrepreneurship. The newand exciting information is that the resources are developed, and variouspeople in the free society grow up so that they can produce many resourcescompared to the ones that they consume. The chapter informs my life because itexpands my mind to understand that the scarcity of the funds will results inentrepreneurs who can create new means of providing the necessary resources (Richards 195). Ialso get to know about the issues of global warming as well as the appropriateway of promoting the environmental sustainability. The questions being raisedabout business and faith is whether the belief in something can fail inbusiness. Idisagree with the concept of the role of government in the business. The authorargues in this chapter that the government intervention in the business leadsto the artificial creation of the high prices in the market (Richards 205).

Ithink that the government plays the critical role in regulating the business inthat it controls the costs and cannot do such an ill motive to the citizens.