Slinger is one of the most mysterious authors in the world. J. D Slinger is known to be a influential writer and is famous for his, “Catcher in The Rye” novel. He has garnered much attention with that novel.

When hitting his peaks of success, J. D Slinger declared reclusion during his career. Which fumed up the curiosity of many readers. Many readers notice that much of his books are based on one central theme. When one’s innocence Is lost and Is forced to grow up. J. D Slinger used to be a war veteran for World War II, and witnessed several tragedies that forced J.

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D Slinger out of innocence and into adulthood. In one of his novels, “Nine Stories” J. D Slinger uses these themes continuously throughout the nine stories in the novel. In one of the stories, “A Perfect Day for a Banana Fish”, there is a beginning setting where a woman is leisurely talking to her mom on the phone, about her husband who seems to be mental In the hotel.

The woman’s mother Is very worried that the husband “try any of that funny business. (7)”. It is then revealed that the husband used to be a war veteran and has returned a bit mental due to the events that he witnesses in the war.Then the scene moves on to the husband who is at the beach and sees a little girl, named Sybil, at the beach. The husband approaches the little girl and tells her a story of banana fish. He tells her that, “They’re very ordinary looking fish when they swim In. But once they get In, they behave Like pigs.

They/eat as many as seventy eight fishes and/die_ (16)” Sybil believes this story and claims that sees a banishes. The husband is amused and is touched by the little girl’s innocence and shows this by “(picking) up one of Sibyl’s wet feet….

And kissed the arch. 17)” Afterwards, the man goes back inside the hotel to find his wife asleep. The man then commits suicide by shooting himself with a gun. Through his actions you can note that the man Is Jealous of the little girl’s Innocence and since he knows that he can never recover from his current state, he takes his life. Therefore the theme In this story Is of Innocence being lost.

In one of J. D Clinger’s other story, “Uncle Wiggly in Connecticut”, is a story of a woman named Eloise Wangle. Who is a middle aged housewife and leads a unhappy marriage with her husband Lee Wangle. Eloise has a younger daughter named Ramona.

Ramona has a imaginary friend named, “Jimmy Simmering (23)” One can tote on Roman’s innocence. Most young children have “Imaginary’ friends and once they grow up they do not have an Imaginary friend. Eloise Invites her friends over to her home and talk about the past events.

Eloise gets frustrated about her life and then Ramona enters the room claiming that Jimmy, her imaginary friend, got run over by a car and is dead. Ramona goes back to her room and Eloise carry the night on with her friends again. After Eloise friends leave, Eloise goes up to Roman’s bedroom. She finds Ramona “far over on one side of the bed.Her buttock off the edge. ( (36)” Eloise asks her daughter why she Is sleeps so far. Ramona replies that orders Roman furiously to “get in the center of the bed (37).

” Ramona complies and weeps. In this scene, Eloise is revealed to be furious of her daughter’s actions of not knowing the world fully. Eloise forces her daughter to grow up and accept the adulthood..

So basically, Eloise is also forcing her daughter out of innocence as well. Therefore this story also displays the theme of innocence being lost. In one of the other stories in the “Nine Stories” is a story “Pretty Mouth and Green My Eyes”.It takes place on a morning with a man in the bed with a mysterious Oman.

The man receives a phone call from his “friend”. It is then revealed that the man in the bed is cheating on his friend’s wife. The man is frantically trying to find his wife who left him. The man on the bed assures his friend that everything is alright and his wife will come to him soon. The man then hangs up. Shortly after though, there is a phone call from his friend again and the friend says “she (wife) Just barged in…

. We are goanna get a small place in Connecticut. (63)” In this sentence you can tell that the husband know that his wife is with his friend.You can know this cause the husband lies to his friend that his wife Just recently came back to the house. Even though the wife was still in bed with his friend. In this scene you can tell that the friend has lost innocence and faith in his friend. Therefore this also complies to the theme of being lost.

In conclusion, J. D Slinger often writes themes of innocence being lost. This seems to be because J. D Slinger believes he lost his innocence in a flash during his World War II days.