Joko tourists that there is nothing to worry

 Joko Widodo, Indonesian President, was scheduled to hold a meeting of his cabinet to reassure tourists that there is nothing to worry about the Mount Agung volcano.On 26th November 2017, the Indonesia volcano in southern regions of Bali was eruption. Huge ash  and other volcanic material started expanding into the air above Mount Agung; as a result, many people more than 29,000 migrated from their homes, and people more than 71,000 who seek in refuge in over 200 shelters in Bail’s northeast regions also need to immigration from their places(CNN News, 2017). Then authorities raised the alert level to the highest level (The New Paper, 2017). This has consequences in flights at Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali’s main airport, which were canceled and it took for most of that week, so thousands of tourists from Australia, China and other countries waited for resuming flights (Reuters, 2017).  In addition to this level, various countries, including Australia and Singapore, have suggested their citizens to be award of volcano when traveling to Bali (Reuters, 2017). Many hotels and businesses have noticed cancellations; therefore, the financial economy on the holiday season was slower than in previous years. The small island of Bail, which has popular beaches and temples, is an important sport for Indonesian tourism. In January- September 2017, Bail obtained foreign tourist more than 4.5 million. These numbers are nearly half of the 10.5 million tourists who traveled in Indonesia (Reuters, 2017). Because of the volcano, Indonesia was expecting that income lost a million tourists and an approximately 15 trillion rupiah(S$1.41 billion). Minister Arief Yahya, Tourism, said, according to daily newspaper Kompas. According to this situation, tourists from these countries cannot assure they should travel this place. Joko Widodo, Indonesian President, needed to restore confidence. He convened his cabinet to hold a meeting on the holiday island of Bali. They have announcement that there is nothing to worry. Although the status of Volcano Mount Agung did not has been decrease from the highest alert of level 4, most parts of Bali have returned to normal. “We want to show that Bali is safe for those planning to spend year end and New year holiday. There should not be bad perception about Bali anymore due to the volcano eruption issue” the president said when he finishing his visit in Indonesia’s easternmost province of Papua (XINHUANET, 2017)Apart from that, one of the tasks which the president and his ministers  planned to ensure safety of travelers is touring to the island over the weekend (XINHUANET, 2017).Comparing with Thailand, fortunately, Thailand does not have any volcano eruption, so this situation have never occurred. However, some circumstances are quite similar to volcano eruption which is forest fire and smoke from other countries. For example, according to the Guardian News, in 2015 illegal forest fires of Indonesia has released huge smoke into the air, then it spread to Malaysia and the Thai island of Phuket also receive this ach. As a result, in Thai airport, many airplanes cannot take off. Since the Thai island of Phuket is the famous place of tourists, Thailand lost a lot of money from this problem, so they need to fix it. The Thai foreign minister hold a meeting with Indonesia’s ambassador to solve forest fires problem. The smoke gradually decrease until the end. In brief, even though Thailand never have volcano eruption, it still has other smoke problems.