Jollibee Corporation

We strive to become a model corporate citizen by being relevant to the communities we serve. Our brands are either #1 or #2 in each of our market segments. It is the vision of JEFF to become one of the three largest and most profitable restaurant companies in the world by 2020. The Vision of the company is bland and plain. It is too wordy and should have been made brief and straight to the point. The company did not use unique and inspiring words that could catch the attention of the people. It is not distinctive and creative enough.

Moreover, the Vision is not forward looking because it does not state strategic actions that the company could do to prepare for the future. For the good points, the Vision of Jollied is focused since it is specific and clear enough to guide the managers in their decision making. It is also feasible because the goal of the company could be achieved as long as it maintains its efficiency and passion for its customers. Lastly, it is desirable because the strengths and specialties of Jollied were properly stated for its customers to truly understand. B) Identify its Mission and also analyze it.

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To serve great tasting food, bringing the joy of eating to everyone. The mission statement of the company may be brief but in essence, it captured very well the purpose of the company’s goal which is to bring happiness to everyone through their food. It is very realistic and achievable in a way that it specifically indicated what they can offer to their target market by determining the nature of their products and services. Moreover, it is direct to the point, simple and easy to understand which is good and helpful for the company to know in what area they should focus on at the present time.

On the other side, the mission statement wasn’t able to indicate what it can offer to its owners. Also, although it is very specific, it’s not that unique and that it can’t really be differentiated with the mission Statements Of other food businesses. C) Identify at least two financial objectives and at least two strategic objectives that it states in its website. Financial Objective: 1 . The primary objective of the Company’s capital management is to ensure that it maintains a strong credit rating and healthy capital ratios in order to support its business and maximize shareholder value. To closely monitor cash flows in order to manage exposure and to ensure sufficient liquidity levels Strategic objectives: 1 . The Company upholds the continuous education, thus, training and development of its directors and officers. 2. Customer Focus We put our customers’ satisfaction first. We want everyone who interacts with us to be happy and to share the joy with those they love. 3. Excellence We always strive for excellence in everything we do – from our food and service offering, to the experience we provide in and out of our stores and offices. 4. Respect for the Individual

We recognize diversity and show consideration towards different cultures and beliefs. 5. Teamwork We work together to achieve our objectives, knowing that we are stronger as a team than in our solo efforts. 6. Spirit of Family & Fun JEFF is a place where every employee feels part of the family and experiences a sense of community and fun that makes work enjoyable. 7. Humility to Listen & Learn Regardless of how big we grow, we hold dear to us the openness and humility to improve ourselves. 8. Honesty & Integrity We are upright and fair in how we conduct ourselves and our business.

Our ratters and customers can always trust us to deliver on what we promise. 9. Frugality People trust us as the stewards of resources in our care and we work hard not to let them down. D) Identify at least 3 strategies that it deployed or deploys. Read the definition of strategy and recall that it refers to its product- customer-market-technology mix. 1 . Value for Family – being established as a company that values family, JEFF has made it into the hearts of its customers and workers. Aside from promoting a family-oriented environment in the workplace, it is also evidently shown in their advertisements.

They have focused on the traditional Filipino family setting and how important family values are, which immediately caught the attention of Filipino patronizes. 2. Understanding the local tastes -Jollied caters mainly to Filipino and because it is a company established by Filipinos, it knows well how to cater to the market niche. It knows the “panatelas Pinot” which automatically caught the attention of Filipino families. They have highly-localized menus that caters to the F-loping taste.