Jonas, Giver, didn’t really understand his ‘utopian’ community.

Jonas, the main protagonist in the  novel The Giver, didn’t really understand his ‘utopian’ community. The colors of his community are grey, nobody sees color and nobody has sentiment… Until Jonas. He never felt he fit in with any group.

The other kids would follow every rule, Jonas was not bad at following rules however he didn’t understand some of rules that were set out. Such as having to take the medication to stop stirrings (a sexual dream that the society tries to control to keep from people fighting over people). After Jonas begins to stop taking the injections he feels he should control the power of making his own choice. He wants to see more, he wants to see beyond his community he wants to let the cat out of the bag. On page 1, Jonas feels uneasy about something, he is not sure why that is. Previously a year ago, a fighter jet flew over the community 2 times. Nobody understood because planes weren’t allowed to fly over the community. This is the beginning of his curiosity and his curiosity is most definitely at its peak.

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Jonas discovers why everyone in his community have “zombie like existence” in the way that they don’t see color or have feeling, they didn’t have their own choices and they are all Exactly the same (pg 94). At this moment jonas notices that there is no diversity and the giver explains that to get safety and sameness the community had to sacrifice the diversity, color, and hills (pg 95) Jonas doesn’t fully understand this idea. After Jonas stops taking his stirring medications he begins to see and think more clearly. He begins seeing more clear. He sees both metaphorically and physically, seeing color. He begins feeling more feelings toward people that are close to him. He tries to show his friend lily what he is seeing and feeling but because she still taking her medications, and she is not assigned the receiver roll… She begins wondering if Jonas is going crazy. Jonas then finds out after seeing visions of what really happens with releasing he goes up against the entire community who have been blinded from the truth.

He finds that Lily is one of the people incharge of the releasing. He then runs away with Gabriel because Gabriel will be released.Jonas finds what is truly wrong with his society, he finds that everyone is like a brainless zombie inside of the society other than the giver and the recieverreceiver. Jonas understand why certain things occur in the society.

However he does not understand why the highly debatable abortion must be done in his society.