Jonas the chief elder. Jonas didn’t really know

Jonas taught his sister how to ride a bike. They weren’t allowed to ride bikes before the age of nine but Jonas broke the rule anyway. Jonas stops taking the stirrings pills, the pills stop the thoughts of emotions. Jonas at the twelves ceremony is picked late and  gets picked to be the receiver of memories. In the Giver Jonas is 11 year old boy and he is going to be twelve soon. When he turns twelve he gets picked to do a job by the chief elder. Jonas didn’t really know what he wanted to be for the rest of his life. He didn’t really care that bad.  He starts seeing the color red and finally all the colors. He sees his friend fiona’s hair, it was red. Jonas really liked fiona but didnt know how to express it to her because he doesn’t know much about love or anything like that. Jonas everyday after school goes to the givers house on the edge of the town. Jonas liked to go to the givers house because the giver would give him some bad memories and good memories to equal out the bad. Jonas really liked the memory of sledding except for the part when he breaks his arm. Jonas really hated the memory of the elephants and war because too many living things were dying. Jonas and his family had a baby named gabriel Jonas saw that he was just like him so he taught him the memories. Jonas liked to help gabriel sleep at night because he has trouble sleeping at night. Jonas would teach gabriel stuff to help him sleep at night, he taught him the memories of warmth and strength. Gabriel was sick and he had to go back to the hospital and get released also known as killed and down a garbage chute. Jonas is going to go to the hospital to get gabriel so they can leave and spread the memories to everyone. On the way Asher comes out of his house to stop jonas from leaving. Jonas punches Asher in the face so he can leave. Jonas runs to the hospital and gets gabriel. They take one of the motorized bikes. They pass the giver and he is very happy, the giver runs inside his home and hides so the security people can’t find him. The security find him and they give him a lot of trouble. Jonas jumps off the edge on the bike and he lands right by the tree that he would always look through the window at the givers house on the edge.