July soup. The trip to Antartica started June

July 15th 1911Today we set off on the Terra Nova Expedition led by our captain Robert Scott across the south pole to collect some Emperor Penguin eggs to be studied back in England.It is bitterly cold here and we have no idea how long this expedition shall take, I do hope this expedition is duck soup.The trip to Antartica started June 15th 1910 and took up to a year to get to Antartica but we did have stops on the way.We brought along 19 ponies and 33 dogs to help pull us across Antartica, we were all given a pair of goggles to protect us from something called snow blindness, what ever that is.

We also brought along pemmican to make stew, we also brought along bovril to add some flavour to it.One of the explorers are already a bit of a goldbrick.July 28th 1911 Today we got hit by a large snow squall but we are ok, sadly though we lost 1 of the ponies and 2 dogs.Pemmican is getting very boring after a while, I would really love a Curried Egg Sandwiche right now, luckily though we did bring along black currant jam and digestives.November 10th 1911- December 1st 1911The weather conditions have become close to unbearable with very heavy snowfalls and followed by the ice starting to melt, which has made the journey very difficult and dangerous.Just before we reached the Beardmore Glacier Scott sent back the team of dogs leaving me and 11 other people to haul the sledges, since all the ponies were dead by this point. We had to scale the 190km glacier which was so agonising.

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 January 3rd 1912Scott made an announcement that he would be taking four men with him to the Pole with him but increased it to 5 so he could have the extra power.By now our supplies have started running low so all around moral is low.Scott selected men who had been severely weakened by the journey so far. Oates for example was suffering from frostbite, and Edgar Evans had picked up a knife wound.

January 16th 1912We discovered dog and ski tracks as well as a black flag and noticed that we lost the race to the end of the world, we lost the race to our Norwegian counterparts but they were nowhere to be seen.January 19th 1912We have begun our long journey back.February 17th 1912Edgar Evans was suffering badly from frostbite to his fingers, nose and cheeks, and a knife wound he had got before they had reached the Pole, which had failed to heal and sadly he passed away.He badly concussed, causing rapid deterioration in both his mental and physical condition. As we descended the Beardmore Glacier Evans’ condition was obstructing our progress.

He had left the sledge harness and tried to stumble alongside but even this proved useless as he still couldn’t  keep up with us, and when we found him he was in an almost hysterical state. We took him back to camp but he died that night.March 16th 1912My state is weakening rapidly I don’t know if ill survive any longer, other members of the team were suffering from frostbite and scurvy.I couldn’t go any further yesterday  so I asked the team to leave me with my sleeping back but they refused.

I woke up sadly today even though it was my birthday because I wanted to die in my sleep to get this pain to stop. I’m going to go out side and just walk into the distance to day.This is my last entry.