Karen procrastination, and as a result we feel

Karen is an eternally busy, ambitious single mother. As much as she would like to finish all the business before and rest, she still has to cook dinner and read to the children before going to bed. Sometimes it’s hard to find the strength to do this. And some duties and deeds are so unpleasant, that the motivation for their implementation is difficult to find in principle.PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR THOUGHTSWe are plunged into the abyss of self-flagellation and procrastination. When we are unproductive, it is easy to slip into an endless self-criticism. Karen herself does not notice how she begins to think how lazy and stupid she is. “I’m a terrible mother who does not even have the strength to cook normal food and read to children before going to bed,” she thinks.Such thoughts are dragged into a vicious circle: lack of motivation leads to the fact that we begin to scold ourselves for procrastination, and as a result we feel even worse.By scolding ourselves, we do not increase our motivation. Often it seems to us that it’s worth to be tougher to yourself – so we will be more successful. When we fail to live up to our expectations (ours or someone else’s), we usually start blaming ourselves and rolling ourselves into self-criticism. A rigid attitude toward oneself does not add energy.But with what it is worth starting, it is with sympathy for yourself. Stop and admit that you have to overcome a lot of difficulties. Do you suffer from depression or you just had a bad day, the pain that you are experiencing is real.From time to time we feel overwhelmed, overwhelmed or apathetic. Be kind to yourself, as you would be kind to a friend who is going through a difficult period in his life. Recognize that sometimes you feel tired, broken or apathetic, and your value as a person is not just about productivity.Most are afraid that they will not achieve anything if they are too soft with themselves. However, accepting yourself is not the same as regretting or digging into your problems. Having shown sympathy for yourself and recognizing the fatigue that you are experiencing, you can free yourself from the flow of negative auto-suggest