Kawal backgrounds and vast military experience, collectively charting

Kawal Wiramas Sdn. Bhd (78158-D) was incorporated on 18 November, 1981 in Negeri Sembilan with an initial paid-up capital of RM100,000.00.

In line with business expansion and success, the company’s paid-up capital was further increased to RM1.5 million. The increase testified the company’s commitment to the future growth potentials of the Malaysian security industry. The company’s operation is strengthened by the opening of many branch and operation offices throughout Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak. Their presence symbolizes our commitment and gives confidence to local clients and personnel alike.

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Kawal Wiramas is headed by its Managing Director, Puan Hjh Hamidah Haji Kedah since 1985. She is backed by a team of experienced and highly committed Executive Council Members, from diverse academic backgrounds and vast military experience, collectively charting the company’s growth and success. Management is guided by Standard Operating Procedures long in existence, to achieve best corporate practices and yet remain competitive.

Kawal Wiramas has expanded progressively since its inception in 1981. Presently, it has a combined strength of about 1400 personnel, comprising of ex-military or police and trained civilians, all dedicated in their work endeavours. Its audited turnover for FYE December 2014 exceeded RM40 million. The above favourable performance in the company was due to customer’s confidence and belief in our service level throughout the country. Kawal Wiramas Sdn.

Bhd. holds Bumiputra status and KDN licensed with favourable performance records. The company is also licensed by the Ministry of Finance and Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF). Other than that, the company is a member of Security Services Association Malaysia (SSAM). The company also have 2 subsidiaries which are Pusat Latihan Kawal Wiramas Sdn. Bhd. (304157-x) and Wiramas Enterprise Sdn. Bhd.