Kayzer mutter, “Thank you..” As I trudged home,

Kayzer chew                                “Ring…!”The shrill school bell rang as my schoolmates and I made a beeline to thecanteen.I looked at the wide array of food and stalls beforestanding in line at the noodle stall, deciding to buy a bowl of laksa.

I heldmy bowl of laksa carefully, placing it on the sunflower yellow canteen tables.                                AsI picked up my chopsticks, ready to eat my laksa, I heard a conversationbetween two people just around the corner of the canteen. I glance in that direction,only to make out two human figured shadows with one grabbing the collar of theother. Then I heard these words, “give me your pocket money or ill rip youapart!” I recognised that voice, it was Big Bully Chan, the big burly boy thatbullied me a year ago.

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                                Ileapt into the sight of the two boys, and demanded firmly that Big Bully Chanwould put John down. “Oh, it’s you again Keith, it’s ok, I’m not doing anythingthing to John, isn’t that right?” Big Bully Chan sneered, glaring into John’seyes.                                 “ye….yes,it’s fine.

” John whimpered, his voice shaking. I had seen through Big bullyChan’s antics and ran back into the canteen, looking for a teacher. Just then, Isaw Mr Chen, our school’s discipline master, looking at the litter on thefloor, shaking his head. I called out to him and told him everything. Then, Ilead Mr Chen back around the corner.                                MrChen saw Big Bully Chan lifting John into the air when he had seen enough.

MrChen carried himself like an angry bull, ready to charge he yelled “Put himdown now!” Both boys was startled by the scene of Mr Chen, staring daggers. Ihelped John up, and asked him if he was okay, as Mr Chen stepped towards BigBully Chan, now frightened to the point that he fell down.                                MrChen ordered that I would help John to the nurse’s office while he brought BigBully Chan to the principal’s office to face his consequences. Even after Johnhad been thoroughly thrashed, with bruises strewn across his face, he musteredthe strength to mutter, “Thank you..”                                AsI trudged home, I reflected on this incident that had just happened, as I hungmy head up in the air, feeling proud of the act I had just done.